Serpent's Skull

Rumble in the Jungle

Why did it have to be snakes?

Golarion date 4 Caladril 4711AR

They spent the next few days doing more research in the military district surrounded by chauru-ka. Mastuuk discovered some information on holy days of an Azlanti god of monsters and natural disasters, some sort of insect god nobody recognized. They continued to ignore the monkey men living in the district who avoided them.

The others grew restless as Mastuuk and the Pathfinders did there surveying of the ruins. So it was decided to return across the bridge and revisit the snake men. Again there was a welcoming party at the bridge, but they were quickly dealt with. They headed straight for the courtyard where they had spied the snake people last time, and sure enough there were two guards outside a large building. As they fought these two, chaos erupted as snake person warriors came boiling out of the surrounding buildings from all sides.

Mastuuk took refuge in the large building. When more snake men began appearing in the building he tried to flee but was grabbed and drug deeper into the building. He was only able to escape thanks to his conjurer ability to teleport short distances and hid in a side room for a bit.

Outside Teyla was a whirlwind of destruction, Drasheen hurled lightning and spiritual tridents, and Joque used his new wand of invisibility to great effect. Zelsee, practically giddy with joy at the slaughter waded into battle off to the eastern side of the courtyard into the thick of the snake men. When the ones looking for Mastuuk came out of the building she was cut off and soon surrounded and in trouble. Joque tried to help but was forced to flee or die. As Zelshee rocked from her wounds, a sharp blow to the head from a butt of a spear put her out and the snake people dragged her off. Teyla convinced Drasheen that they needed to flee as there was a lull in the battle on their side of the combat. Mastuuk tried to get to his sister but a group of snake men could smell him even though he was invisible. In a desperate last attempt to rescue her as she was being carried off to the east, the invisible flying wizard dove down from above and was able to touch her as he cast a dimension door spell. and teleported back to the bridge.

Joque was able to reach the bridge with two snake people hot on his heels. They gave up the chase as he crossed the bridge and javelins clattered off the stone behind him. Soon he realized he was alone and charging into the frenzied monkey men on the other side, who no longer seemed inclined to ignore him now that he was totally alone. It looked bad for Joque, but soon Mastuuk showed up with his unconscious sister and appeared in the air above the chauru-ka calling down a rain of stones which convinced the monkey men to back off. Soon enough Drasheen and Teyla came running across the bridge and they all headed back to camp with the unconscious Paladin in tow.

Joque suggested maybe starting a fight in downtown snake city wasn’t the brightest idea ever concocted…

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I feel like I just lived through a nightmare. I can still smell the stink of their scales and it will take a while before I get over the effects and the memory of those poisonous fangs slipping into me. If we could see clearly that facing the masses of chauru-ka was a loosing proposition, what gave us the idea we could pop into downtown snake city and take them all on? Even the buildings over there are a warning. Magic lives or at least one time lived in that district of Savinth-Yhi.

We have been over there twice and both times wound up running for our lives. In all probability the snakes we ran into were just regular citizens whose only concern from the direction of the bridge was an occasional sortie by a handful of small apes. RIght now, they are no longer working under that assumption. I couldn’t count very well in the midst of all the confusion but I think we may have left more that two score of those things laying in the last of their life’s blood. A third trip across that bridge is going to be met with forces I don’t want to think about. Hell, even Olajimmi had a shayman woman he threw into the fight with us. I bet the snake people have a couple of fanged spell throwers already in place at the other end of that bridge. If we try a third trip over there like the past two, we are not likely to be coming back. Zelshee came pretty close this last time to finishing up this little trip staring out of the back end of some giant snake thing.

The pirates used to have a saying that if they weren’t smarter than the ones they were attacking they could wind up as shark bait at 40 fathoms and falling fast. We could wind up as snake shit running through the sewers of Savinth-Yhi and falling fast if we don’t get real smart, real quick.

It was Mastuuk’s research and a little thinking that led us to the weak point in the military district and we didn’t have to try to kill every chaura-ka in it. We need to either find a key to the weak point in this next district or bypass it until we do. I wonder if the Pathfinder people who have been exploring behind us have found out anything useful.

One thing I would like to know is if they uncovered any images of this ancient insect god thing. Maybe Mastuuk could conjure up a lookalike. I recall how the monkey people reacted to their great leader’s head on a stick. Maybe the slitherers would react in a similar manner if we were accompanied by what looked like one of their ancient dieties that had “come back to life”.

Best let Mastuuk do more research, check with the Pathfinders and come up with a way to put the snakes back on their non-existant heels. Or, like I said, bypass this hall of horrors for a while.

From the Journal ofDrasheen Rettig

I am having a hard time with all the nightmares I have been having of Zelshee getting so beat up and almost killed everytime we go out. I pray for her and all of us. I think its easier when it happens to me than to see a friend get carried off and beaten so badly. Mastuuk had been dragged off on more than one accasion, besides the love for his sister, that must of been where the strength of will power and determnation came from that never let him give up until he saved his sister. Going back will be difficult…the plan will have to be great…

From the Journal of Mastuuk Venso

My companions’ blood lust seems to be sated for the time being. Perhaps now I can return to my research.

Article II: Noun Declension

5 Nouns

Azlanti nouns are inflected, showing three forms: nominative, genitive and accusative; the ‘oblique case’ has a single form, with both genitive and accusative function. Status rectus refers to the normal nominal formations not followed by a genitive.

6 Gender

It should be noted that the Saventh dialect of Ancient Azlanti has three or perhaps four gender forms. The feminine and masculine normative forms correspond to the modern Varisian usage. However, an “empowered” masculine form is present when referring to gods, rulers, and others of rank. I have seen suggestion of a fourth gender form but I am unable to determine its use. Did the Azlanti have three genders? Perhaps it is simply a diminutive neutral form?

Note to self: it would not be bad to be a god..the feeling of empowerment is quite exhilerating.

7 Number

There are separate forms for singular, plural and dual. The dual is no longer a freely used form in Polyglot or other Azlanti derivative languages. The typical usage of dual seems to be related to nouns denoting parts of the body, or example: e’ënån ‘two eyes’; or in an extended sense: rh’ësån ‘top’ from rh’ësúm ‘head’.

Notes of Zelshee Venso

I thought it was a perfectly good plan. Appear in the center of all of the evil creatures – and then KILL them! It was going so well, too. Until it wasn’t anymore….
Mastuuk disappeared for a few minutes. I found out later that he had been captured! And then they tried to capture me. I can only image what they were going to do with us!
There were so many of them. And they kept coming, and coming. I kept swinging my axe and killing what ever was in front and behind me. But eventually, I got over ran.
How do we get ourselves in these situations? It really was a perfectly good plan. There were just too many of them. Now that we have that little bit of information, the next time we come back, we’ll succeed.
I feel there must be some valuable information for Mastuuk to uncover here. We really must rid this place of the snake people. I wonder how long all of these different sectors have lived peacefully together? Did they? It seems we’ve upset a very delicate balance of power. One section of evil creatures keeping the other ones at bay. Who were/ are the ones in true power? It certainly isn’t us.
Too many questions.



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