Serpent's Skull

Of Simian Anarchy

Chaos in Monkey Town

Golarion date 30 Abadius 4711AR

Joque put Olujimmi’s head on a pole and they paraded into the military district. When they came across a patrol of chauru-ka and showed them their trophy the chauru-ka began howling and jumping around in a confused frenzy and running off in all directions.

When they paraded into the great plaza in front of the ziggurat where most of the monkey men lived, the entire area erupted in howling monkey chaos. Monkey men were leaping around howling in confusion, some scores were settled as other monkey men were thrown to their deaths from the tops of the buildings or brained with clubs. The Girallon guardians of the plaza charged them, but came up short when they realized what was on the pole. One seemed inclined to try and intimidate them, but when the other backed off and the chaos around the plaza reached a crescendo he fled.

It seemed none of the chauru-ka wanted to get anywhere near them, so they used the head of Olujimmi to clear a path to the ziggurat like a torch clearing webs. At the ziggurat they found it carved with scenes of Azlanti fighting snake people, marching Azlanti armies, and great Azlanti generals. Like the other ziggurat it seemed there was no entrance and it was just a solid base for the towering obelisk atop it.

They searched around the area some and found the chauru-ka left them alone. It seemed most of the habitation was near the plaza and the rest of the district was mostly abandoned. On the north side, in the small lake under the cliffs of the valley wall there was an island dominated by a tall hill. The hill had been excavated and the shallow hole was about 30 feet across and 15 feet deep. On one side of the island was a crude wooden hut with a thatch roof. There was nothing in the hole, but there was discarded digging equipment nearby. The excavation looked relatively recent. Inside the hut they found lots of bones, feathers, rocks, and beads hanging by sinew strands from the roof. They shelf was full of pottery bowls, pots, and jars holding various substances. They had found the shamans home. 5 of the clay jars radiated magic, and upon investigation Mastuuk thought they were stone salve, which could turn a petrified creature back to flesh or harden a creatures skin to make it resistant to wounds in combat. They postulated this explained the demonic gorilla, that it had been petrified somehow, buried here, dug up, returned to flesh by a stone salve and dominated by Olujimmi’s magic.

Finding nothing more of specific interest, they led the Pathfinders into the district and began research. While research was happening Drasheen spent a few days enchanting the armor and shield of Zelshee and Teyla. Maybe Zelshee wouldn’t die so often now.

Mastuuk’s studies revealed the existence of subterranean vaults beneath the city and hints of an insidious underworld even farther below. This seemed ominous, especially to Zelshee. Mastuuk also turned up more references to the existence of the immortal creature called the Radiant Muse.

After several days of research in the new district, they tired of it and decided to venture across the bridge to the island district in the middle of the large lake that dominated the central portion of Savinth-Yhi. At the other end they were welcomed by a group of Snake People warriors taking cover behind rubble at the end of the bridge who delivered a hail of javelins to welcome them. They defeated the guards and looked around the island. From here it became clear that the buildings on this island had been carved from the rock itself with tool and magic. The architecture was complicated and somewhat pretentious and dominated by the ziggurat and spire very visible from the bridge. Approaching the spire they came to a set of tall buildings. Standing outside the building and visible in an upper story window were some more snake people. The snake men spotted them and attacked, raising a loud alarm. Zelshee detected evil on them and strode into the courtyard to give battle while the others started to run. More snake men started pouring from the building and Zelshee realized she might be in trouble just as Mastuuk and Teyla (neither too happy about it) came to her rescue. Mastuuk teleported the three of them to the other side of the bridge while Drasheen and Joque ran for it. The snake men chased the cleric and rogue partway across the bridge, but stopped unwilling to cross.

The chauru-ka of the military district had gathered on the rooftops to watch what happened. When the snake men appeared on the bridge, the monkey men erupted in an angered frenzy and began working themselves up into a riot. The adventurers fled through the plaza with the chaos of the monkey men surrounding them, Mastuuk was struck by a handful of feces flung from the rooftops. They retreated to the Pathfinder camp to regroup.

From the Journal of Mastuuk Venso

30 Abadius 4711AR

My research continues with the screams of monkeys all around. They seem mostly harmless now and actually seem to be keeping the snake people from crossing to the main land. I wonder how they obtain resources as the other bridges seem to be heavily damaged. Perhaps they have found a way into the vast labyrinthine underground? This possibility intrigues me as this area may contain the most important pieces of information, hidden as it is.
I really do need to spend more time searching this district but my companions grow impatient. Why must they always be in a hurry to put themselves in mortal danger? I’ve read that the body produces chemicals when in such situations and that these chemicals cause a change in the mind not unlike that of blood sap. Perhaps my friends have become adicted to their own bodies? How terrible! I must do my best to help them with this horrid affliction. I believe the treatment for blood sap is to lock the adict in a windowless room for three days with only water and hard tack.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

Well, so much for liberating the poor Churu-Ka from their oppressors. But we have found some of Ieana ’s snaky friends!

I am usually loath to start a fght or just smack someone for no good reason but these snake people are an exception. Almost immediately I am consumed with a desire to see them dead and gone.

Unfortunately Mastuuk seems to think I have contracted some kind of blood disease. Maybe he doesn’t remember the dead crew of the Jennivere but I do and it was that snake woman who doomed all of them to a watery grave and enslaved my Captain. It was also that snake woman who left us to be eaten by cannibals and who stands somewhere ready to unleash death on all humans everywhere. Every snake person we leave alive from this point on is a possible ally of that bitch. And there are a lot of them over there.

She must be close to these creatures even now. Maybe she is in one of the malformed buildings just across this bridge. Maybe my quest is within our grasp even now.

Notes of Zelshee Venso

If I remember correctly, Savinth-Yhi mean Grave of Savinth. Wasn’t Savinth a good warrior? Didn’t she kill an evil god? If that is true, why oh why are there so many evil creatures living here? Why isn’t there any good here?
And now snake people! I didn’t even need to waste the time doing a Detect Evil spell. I ALREADY KNEW!! And yes, they must all die! Maybe not all by me at one time……..but, they all must die. I’m very glad we found them. Seeing those 3 hanging from the pillars a few days ago, had me a little on edge. We’ve not seen any sign of them here until then. But I suspected they were here. And now Mastuuk tells us of an labyrinth of unground tunnels oozing with evil!! I sure that evil comes straight from these hideous snake people!

Drasheen has improved my armor. Will it be enough to take on all the evil that we will find in the coming weeks? It has to be (I’m really tired of dying!). Jaque says that Mastuuk thinks we’ve become infected with some kind of sinister disease. I wonder if it’s fatal. Another’ way to die’, added to the list.

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

I was in heaven for a few days while I worked on some armor to enhance it to bring it more in line with the gods or so I like to think. As I work I pray and a peace comes over me and fills me with the courage to see in my fellow adventures their strengths and wellcome their weaknesses along with my own. As we crossed abridge we found ourselves being attacked by some Snake People throwing javilins even though they were evil when it was appearant that we were out numbered we retreated, which we don’t often do. Now to come up with a great plan to get accros and put those snake people in their places. I love the plans and then the actual events are so far apart. What will be will be but we can count on each other to have the best interest in each other. Every day we get closer. I will fall asleep to night with a smile on my face knowing this. Meditation and prayer will come easier tonight and shorter I ventrure to say…



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