City of Seven Spears

City of seven spears

The city of Savinth-Yhi was built nearly 11,000 years ago, during the twilight years of the golden age of Azlant before Earthfall and the onset of the Age of Darkness. Constructed as a tribute to the Azlanti heroine Savith above the site where she defeated the snake god Ydersius, the city was constructed to honor her sacrifice. In each of Saventh-Yhi’s seven districts, a stone ziggurat symbolizing one of the honest virtues of Azlanti rule was erected, and atop each of these sites the ancients placed a spire-like monument. These seven obelisks came to symbolize the city’s skyline, and even before the doom that was to come, they gave the city its enduring nickname—the City of Seven Spears.

Saventh-Yhi itself is located not far from the ruins of Tazion, in a particularly dense portion of the Mwangi Expanse where travel is complicated not only by thick jungle but also by a number of rugged mountains and sheer cliffs. Saventh-Yhi itself is approximately 20 miles north of Tazion, sheltered in a natural valley between tall cliffs in the jungle-covered hills.

Although Saventh-Yhi has gone through innumerable changes over its millennia of existence, its appearance has long since settled into a status quo. The first things a visitor notices on first sight of the city’s skyline are its seven spears. Protruding from the already lofty tops of seven 100-foot-high ziggurats, these narrow monoliths extend a further 100 feet into the sky. Each of these spires marks the heart of one of the city’s seven districts, and they can be seen from nearly everywhere in the ruins—the seven spears make excellent landmarks.

Nestled in a cradle of sheer cliffs thick with jungle vines and brushed with wisps of fog, the seven districts of Saventh-Yhi are arrayed around a large central lake. The buildings of the city are clearly weathered and worn, but most resist the encroachment of plants and mud, and they refuse to crumble, appearing as a ruin of only a few thousand years of age rather than over 10,000. The architectural style is remarkable, marked by massive guardian sculptures and intricate geometric patterns carved into the stone—any who have studied Azlanti ruins can automatically recognize this style. Up close, countless individual carvings and murals decorate the inner walls of these buildings, and it is from these carvings that the secret history of Saventh-Yhi can be recovered with time.

Fog rises and clings to the waters and cliffs of the city every morning, but these mists quickly burn off by mid-morning. By noon, the heat of the sun raises temperatures to agonizing heights. Heavy rain falls in the late afternoon (around 3pm), providing relief from the sweltering heat. As evening approaches, the rain dies off and the fog returns, remaining until midnight when more rain clears the air.

Map of Saventh-Yhi

City of Seven Spears

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