Serpent's Skull


Joque gets stoned and laid. He is rescued from this horrible fate. Croc head man dies.

Ieanna shows up in Pathfinder camp and has a heart attack and dies. All are overjoyed, the bitch is dead. They loot the lost city and go home rich and happy.




Rumble in the Jungle
Why did it have to be snakes?

Golarion date 4 Caladril 4711AR

They spent the next few days doing more research in the military district surrounded by chauru-ka. Mastuuk discovered some information on holy days of an Azlanti god of monsters and natural disasters, some sort of insect god nobody recognized. They continued to ignore the monkey men living in the district who avoided them.

The others grew restless as Mastuuk and the Pathfinders did there surveying of the ruins. So it was decided to return across the bridge and revisit the snake men. Again there was a welcoming party at the bridge, but they were quickly dealt with. They headed straight for the courtyard where they had spied the snake people last time, and sure enough there were two guards outside a large building. As they fought these two, chaos erupted as snake person warriors came boiling out of the surrounding buildings from all sides.

Mastuuk took refuge in the large building. When more snake men began appearing in the building he tried to flee but was grabbed and drug deeper into the building. He was only able to escape thanks to his conjurer ability to teleport short distances and hid in a side room for a bit.

Outside Teyla was a whirlwind of destruction, Drasheen hurled lightning and spiritual tridents, and Joque used his new wand of invisibility to great effect. Zelsee, practically giddy with joy at the slaughter waded into battle off to the eastern side of the courtyard into the thick of the snake men. When the ones looking for Mastuuk came out of the building she was cut off and soon surrounded and in trouble. Joque tried to help but was forced to flee or die. As Zelshee rocked from her wounds, a sharp blow to the head from a butt of a spear put her out and the snake people dragged her off. Teyla convinced Drasheen that they needed to flee as there was a lull in the battle on their side of the combat. Mastuuk tried to get to his sister but a group of snake men could smell him even though he was invisible. In a desperate last attempt to rescue her as she was being carried off to the east, the invisible flying wizard dove down from above and was able to touch her as he cast a dimension door spell. and teleported back to the bridge.

Joque was able to reach the bridge with two snake people hot on his heels. They gave up the chase as he crossed the bridge and javelins clattered off the stone behind him. Soon he realized he was alone and charging into the frenzied monkey men on the other side, who no longer seemed inclined to ignore him now that he was totally alone. It looked bad for Joque, but soon Mastuuk showed up with his unconscious sister and appeared in the air above the chauru-ka calling down a rain of stones which convinced the monkey men to back off. Soon enough Drasheen and Teyla came running across the bridge and they all headed back to camp with the unconscious Paladin in tow.

Joque suggested maybe starting a fight in downtown snake city wasn’t the brightest idea ever concocted…

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I feel like I just lived through a nightmare. I can still smell the stink of their scales and it will take a while before I get over the effects and the memory of those poisonous fangs slipping into me. If we could see clearly that facing the masses of chauru-ka was a loosing proposition, what gave us the idea we could pop into downtown snake city and take them all on? Even the buildings over there are a warning. Magic lives or at least one time lived in that district of Savinth-Yhi.

We have been over there twice and both times wound up running for our lives. In all probability the snakes we ran into were just regular citizens whose only concern from the direction of the bridge was an occasional sortie by a handful of small apes. RIght now, they are no longer working under that assumption. I couldn’t count very well in the midst of all the confusion but I think we may have left more that two score of those things laying in the last of their life’s blood. A third trip across that bridge is going to be met with forces I don’t want to think about. Hell, even Olajimmi had a shayman woman he threw into the fight with us. I bet the snake people have a couple of fanged spell throwers already in place at the other end of that bridge. If we try a third trip over there like the past two, we are not likely to be coming back. Zelshee came pretty close this last time to finishing up this little trip staring out of the back end of some giant snake thing.

The pirates used to have a saying that if they weren’t smarter than the ones they were attacking they could wind up as shark bait at 40 fathoms and falling fast. We could wind up as snake shit running through the sewers of Savinth-Yhi and falling fast if we don’t get real smart, real quick.

It was Mastuuk’s research and a little thinking that led us to the weak point in the military district and we didn’t have to try to kill every chaura-ka in it. We need to either find a key to the weak point in this next district or bypass it until we do. I wonder if the Pathfinder people who have been exploring behind us have found out anything useful.

One thing I would like to know is if they uncovered any images of this ancient insect god thing. Maybe Mastuuk could conjure up a lookalike. I recall how the monkey people reacted to their great leader’s head on a stick. Maybe the slitherers would react in a similar manner if we were accompanied by what looked like one of their ancient dieties that had “come back to life”.

Best let Mastuuk do more research, check with the Pathfinders and come up with a way to put the snakes back on their non-existant heels. Or, like I said, bypass this hall of horrors for a while.

From the Journal ofDrasheen Rettig

I am having a hard time with all the nightmares I have been having of Zelshee getting so beat up and almost killed everytime we go out. I pray for her and all of us. I think its easier when it happens to me than to see a friend get carried off and beaten so badly. Mastuuk had been dragged off on more than one accasion, besides the love for his sister, that must of been where the strength of will power and determnation came from that never let him give up until he saved his sister. Going back will be difficult…the plan will have to be great…

From the Journal of Mastuuk Venso

My companions’ blood lust seems to be sated for the time being. Perhaps now I can return to my research.

Article II: Noun Declension

5 Nouns

Azlanti nouns are inflected, showing three forms: nominative, genitive and accusative; the ‘oblique case’ has a single form, with both genitive and accusative function. Status rectus refers to the normal nominal formations not followed by a genitive.

6 Gender

It should be noted that the Saventh dialect of Ancient Azlanti has three or perhaps four gender forms. The feminine and masculine normative forms correspond to the modern Varisian usage. However, an “empowered” masculine form is present when referring to gods, rulers, and others of rank. I have seen suggestion of a fourth gender form but I am unable to determine its use. Did the Azlanti have three genders? Perhaps it is simply a diminutive neutral form?

Note to self: it would not be bad to be a god..the feeling of empowerment is quite exhilerating.

7 Number

There are separate forms for singular, plural and dual. The dual is no longer a freely used form in Polyglot or other Azlanti derivative languages. The typical usage of dual seems to be related to nouns denoting parts of the body, or example: e’ënån ‘two eyes’; or in an extended sense: rh’ësån ‘top’ from rh’ësúm ‘head’.

Notes of Zelshee Venso

I thought it was a perfectly good plan. Appear in the center of all of the evil creatures – and then KILL them! It was going so well, too. Until it wasn’t anymore….
Mastuuk disappeared for a few minutes. I found out later that he had been captured! And then they tried to capture me. I can only image what they were going to do with us!
There were so many of them. And they kept coming, and coming. I kept swinging my axe and killing what ever was in front and behind me. But eventually, I got over ran.
How do we get ourselves in these situations? It really was a perfectly good plan. There were just too many of them. Now that we have that little bit of information, the next time we come back, we’ll succeed.
I feel there must be some valuable information for Mastuuk to uncover here. We really must rid this place of the snake people. I wonder how long all of these different sectors have lived peacefully together? Did they? It seems we’ve upset a very delicate balance of power. One section of evil creatures keeping the other ones at bay. Who were/ are the ones in true power? It certainly isn’t us.
Too many questions.

Of Simian Anarchy
Chaos in Monkey Town

Golarion date 30 Abadius 4711AR

Joque put Olujimmi’s head on a pole and they paraded into the military district. When they came across a patrol of chauru-ka and showed them their trophy the chauru-ka began howling and jumping around in a confused frenzy and running off in all directions.

When they paraded into the great plaza in front of the ziggurat where most of the monkey men lived, the entire area erupted in howling monkey chaos. Monkey men were leaping around howling in confusion, some scores were settled as other monkey men were thrown to their deaths from the tops of the buildings or brained with clubs. The Girallon guardians of the plaza charged them, but came up short when they realized what was on the pole. One seemed inclined to try and intimidate them, but when the other backed off and the chaos around the plaza reached a crescendo he fled.

It seemed none of the chauru-ka wanted to get anywhere near them, so they used the head of Olujimmi to clear a path to the ziggurat like a torch clearing webs. At the ziggurat they found it carved with scenes of Azlanti fighting snake people, marching Azlanti armies, and great Azlanti generals. Like the other ziggurat it seemed there was no entrance and it was just a solid base for the towering obelisk atop it.

They searched around the area some and found the chauru-ka left them alone. It seemed most of the habitation was near the plaza and the rest of the district was mostly abandoned. On the north side, in the small lake under the cliffs of the valley wall there was an island dominated by a tall hill. The hill had been excavated and the shallow hole was about 30 feet across and 15 feet deep. On one side of the island was a crude wooden hut with a thatch roof. There was nothing in the hole, but there was discarded digging equipment nearby. The excavation looked relatively recent. Inside the hut they found lots of bones, feathers, rocks, and beads hanging by sinew strands from the roof. They shelf was full of pottery bowls, pots, and jars holding various substances. They had found the shamans home. 5 of the clay jars radiated magic, and upon investigation Mastuuk thought they were stone salve, which could turn a petrified creature back to flesh or harden a creatures skin to make it resistant to wounds in combat. They postulated this explained the demonic gorilla, that it had been petrified somehow, buried here, dug up, returned to flesh by a stone salve and dominated by Olujimmi’s magic.

Finding nothing more of specific interest, they led the Pathfinders into the district and began research. While research was happening Drasheen spent a few days enchanting the armor and shield of Zelshee and Teyla. Maybe Zelshee wouldn’t die so often now.

Mastuuk’s studies revealed the existence of subterranean vaults beneath the city and hints of an insidious underworld even farther below. This seemed ominous, especially to Zelshee. Mastuuk also turned up more references to the existence of the immortal creature called the Radiant Muse.

After several days of research in the new district, they tired of it and decided to venture across the bridge to the island district in the middle of the large lake that dominated the central portion of Savinth-Yhi. At the other end they were welcomed by a group of Snake People warriors taking cover behind rubble at the end of the bridge who delivered a hail of javelins to welcome them. They defeated the guards and looked around the island. From here it became clear that the buildings on this island had been carved from the rock itself with tool and magic. The architecture was complicated and somewhat pretentious and dominated by the ziggurat and spire very visible from the bridge. Approaching the spire they came to a set of tall buildings. Standing outside the building and visible in an upper story window were some more snake people. The snake men spotted them and attacked, raising a loud alarm. Zelshee detected evil on them and strode into the courtyard to give battle while the others started to run. More snake men started pouring from the building and Zelshee realized she might be in trouble just as Mastuuk and Teyla (neither too happy about it) came to her rescue. Mastuuk teleported the three of them to the other side of the bridge while Drasheen and Joque ran for it. The snake men chased the cleric and rogue partway across the bridge, but stopped unwilling to cross.

The chauru-ka of the military district had gathered on the rooftops to watch what happened. When the snake men appeared on the bridge, the monkey men erupted in an angered frenzy and began working themselves up into a riot. The adventurers fled through the plaza with the chaos of the monkey men surrounding them, Mastuuk was struck by a handful of feces flung from the rooftops. They retreated to the Pathfinder camp to regroup.

From the Journal of Mastuuk Venso

30 Abadius 4711AR

My research continues with the screams of monkeys all around. They seem mostly harmless now and actually seem to be keeping the snake people from crossing to the main land. I wonder how they obtain resources as the other bridges seem to be heavily damaged. Perhaps they have found a way into the vast labyrinthine underground? This possibility intrigues me as this area may contain the most important pieces of information, hidden as it is.
I really do need to spend more time searching this district but my companions grow impatient. Why must they always be in a hurry to put themselves in mortal danger? I’ve read that the body produces chemicals when in such situations and that these chemicals cause a change in the mind not unlike that of blood sap. Perhaps my friends have become adicted to their own bodies? How terrible! I must do my best to help them with this horrid affliction. I believe the treatment for blood sap is to lock the adict in a windowless room for three days with only water and hard tack.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

Well, so much for liberating the poor Churu-Ka from their oppressors. But we have found some of Ieana ’s snaky friends!

I am usually loath to start a fght or just smack someone for no good reason but these snake people are an exception. Almost immediately I am consumed with a desire to see them dead and gone.

Unfortunately Mastuuk seems to think I have contracted some kind of blood disease. Maybe he doesn’t remember the dead crew of the Jennivere but I do and it was that snake woman who doomed all of them to a watery grave and enslaved my Captain. It was also that snake woman who left us to be eaten by cannibals and who stands somewhere ready to unleash death on all humans everywhere. Every snake person we leave alive from this point on is a possible ally of that bitch. And there are a lot of them over there.

She must be close to these creatures even now. Maybe she is in one of the malformed buildings just across this bridge. Maybe my quest is within our grasp even now.

Notes of Zelshee Venso

If I remember correctly, Savinth-Yhi mean Grave of Savinth. Wasn’t Savinth a good warrior? Didn’t she kill an evil god? If that is true, why oh why are there so many evil creatures living here? Why isn’t there any good here?
And now snake people! I didn’t even need to waste the time doing a Detect Evil spell. I ALREADY KNEW!! And yes, they must all die! Maybe not all by me at one time……..but, they all must die. I’m very glad we found them. Seeing those 3 hanging from the pillars a few days ago, had me a little on edge. We’ve not seen any sign of them here until then. But I suspected they were here. And now Mastuuk tells us of an labyrinth of unground tunnels oozing with evil!! I sure that evil comes straight from these hideous snake people!

Drasheen has improved my armor. Will it be enough to take on all the evil that we will find in the coming weeks? It has to be (I’m really tired of dying!). Jaque says that Mastuuk thinks we’ve become infected with some kind of sinister disease. I wonder if it’s fatal. Another’ way to die’, added to the list.

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

I was in heaven for a few days while I worked on some armor to enhance it to bring it more in line with the gods or so I like to think. As I work I pray and a peace comes over me and fills me with the courage to see in my fellow adventures their strengths and wellcome their weaknesses along with my own. As we crossed abridge we found ourselves being attacked by some Snake People throwing javilins even though they were evil when it was appearant that we were out numbered we retreated, which we don’t often do. Now to come up with a great plan to get accros and put those snake people in their places. I love the plans and then the actual events are so far apart. What will be will be but we can count on each other to have the best interest in each other. Every day we get closer. I will fall asleep to night with a smile on my face knowing this. Meditation and prayer will come easier tonight and shorter I ventrure to say…

Down With the King
Of ape kings and squishy paladins...

Golarion date 28 Abadius 4711AR

There was much discussion about how to deal with Olujimi and his half-fiend gorilla. Where had this flying fiendish simian come from? Joque wanted to see if the statue of a winged gorilla was still on the pyramid in the military district. Mastuuk found a scroll of clairvoyance in the Pathfinder supplies and spent the day scribing it in his spell book. The plan was to use it to spy on the district and see if they could figure out where Olujimi was, if the statue was still on the pyramid and what was going on in the district.

Mastuuk and Zelshee dimension doored to the top of the toiwer of Olujimi’s keep to get close enough to use the clairvoyance spell in the vicinity of the pyramid. When they arrived they were sharing the roof with two chauru-ka, one of which had a signal horn!

Zelshee cut down the one with the horn, but not before he was able to get off a long blaring blast. Just as she picked up the horn, Olujimi and the 20 foot tall half-fiend gorilla teleported to the roof with them. Olujimi seemed surprised to see them, and Mastuuk dimension doored them out of there as quickly as possible. So much for the clairvoyance idea!

Back in the ruined building across the water, they quickly told the others what had happened. Joque looked out a ruined window towards the keep and saw the giant demonic ape flying this direction. In a fit of inspiration, Joque grabbed the horn from Zelshee and began blowing it loudly! The fiend immediately changed course and flew towards the sound.

They quickly prepared to do battle with the beast. The fiend flew over top of the roofless ruin and uttered a blasphemous word that weakened them all. Then it looked around and seemed to recognize Zelshee and pounced on the half-orc paladin, drawing on the power of the abyss to smite the champion of Iomedae! The beast and paladin exchanged massive blows as Olujimmi and an ancient female chauru-ka shaman teleported in blocking the doorway. Mastuuk panicked and teleported himself and Zelshee and Drasheen outside, Zelshee being badly injured by the focused attacks of the fiendish ape.

A holy smite spell from Drasheen slowed down Olujimmi and the shaman as he dispelled it’s effects. The shaman pulled out a scorpio which she threw to the floor and cast a spell to enlarge it to massive size. Teyla and Joque, left inside with the enemy fought hard, but a spell from the shaman paralyzed Teyla.

Olujimi stalked Zelshee and they did battle. However, Olujimi’s rage proved too much and Zelshee was cut down mortally wounded. The fiendish ape was killed inside, by a hound archon summoned by Mastuuk while Joque harried the shaman. Olujimi came back inside, intending on finishing off the paralyzed Teyla. Joque came to her rescue, but was nearly cut down by Olujimi in the process. Drasheen and Teyla squared off against the monkey king, and with the help of some spells from Mastuuk were barely able to bring him down. The shaman fled, casting a spell to allow her to walk on water, but was dropped a few feet from shore.

The leaders of the monkey men were dead.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I am still a little weak from all the wounds I took but I have to write this down now. All of this hatred boiled up inside of me over these past few days because I saw every fat, foul-mouthed, overbearing bastard that ever demeaned me when I was a kid in the jowls of this Olujimmi prig. I may be completely wrong but in my mind’s eye I could see him using his own enormous size, and his ability to animate the statue of that demon ape thing, to grind peoples faces into the mud. To rape and torture and degrade every other living soul in sight just for his pleasure. Hell, the first thing he said to us was to get on our knees and worship him!

Now I know that the “people” he was doing this to are these chauru-ka creatures and, up to this point, our every encounter with them would lead a guy to suspect they might even like being treated like that but I have his stinking head in a bag now and I want them to see it. I want them to know the scumbag is dead! I want to see if they are different when they are free – free of a tyrant leader – free of a bully. (Hell! They might even turn out to be worth knowing if they can just keep from flying off the handle in a rage of some sort every five minutes.)

I am glad he is dead. There, for a little while, all of my anger and all of my bravado were replaced by fear. I almost broke and ran until I saw that bastard starting toward Teyla. For some reason I hadn’t noticed how still she was standing until that moment. Then it hit me that Olujimmi or his little witch shaman must have cast a spell on her. Suddenly, she looked like a little bug trapped in a web with a huge spider closing in on her, fangs dripping, and I just couldn’t let that be the last time I saw her. I went back inside and the next thing I knew the spider was taking a step back – a step right back into a set up where he was flanked by Drasheen of all people. She destracted him just enough and i buried that adamantine blade deep in his guts – not once but two or three times!!! Drasheen hit him too and he had already been wounded by her earlier in the fight. It was just enough. His vile blood gushing from him, he dropped to his knees and then fell forward on his blubbery face!

We are back in camp now and getting over the shock of the battle. Now is the time to put this head on a stick and go back to the plaza below the ziggeraut. Somebody here says that this is the “military district” of Savinth-Yhe. If they won’t accept us as liberators over there, maybe they will accept a change in command. Haaaarrr!!! Wouldn’t it be great to have an army of chauru-ka helping us hunt down that bitch Ieana and her snake people! (Got to find out where they got the ones that were hanging on those columns on the plaza.)

Notes of Zelshee Venso

Deaths door again!
I am a shining beacon of Goodness, Righteousness and Justice! And because of that, the Evil ones seek me out.

We didn’t have a good plan. We really didn’t even have a plan. Dim Door onto the Keep, just Mastukk and I. Do some recon and then come up with something.
I knew the one and only thing I needed to do was to keep that damn chuaru-ka from blowing his horn. And I failed. Oh he died. Just not fast enough. I turned around and there stands Olujimi and the 20 foot tall half-fiend gorilla! So here’s a little secret no ones knows – Mastukk wanted me to grab Olijimi while he Dimension Door’ed us BOTH back to the rest of the party. He thought he was being brilliant — I thought he was being absolutely FOOLISH!! If he wanted Olijimi that badly, HE could grab him! He didn’t…..
The sound of Joque blowing that horn, haunts my waking hours! Knowing that evil was to soon follow the sound of it, made my knees (slightly) weak. But Joque’s stroke of genius, brought them both right to us. Sadly, Olijimi brought another minion. An old, decrypted evil shaman that helped waste our time trying to kill her.

The evil half-fiend gorilla zeroed in on me and proceeded to smite the Goodness and Light that I am. And I was unable to destroy it. It was much too powerful for me! Mastukk saved me again. He Dimed Door Drasheen and me out of the building so Drasheen could heal me and I could back inside to finish off the gorilla. Great plan! Didn’t work that way. I was mostly healed when Olijimi turned around and saw the 3 of us standing there. 4 arms, all with deadly accurate axes. A massive gaping jowl filled with razor sharp teeth. Didn’t take long before I was in need of more healing – but it didn’t come. I was ripped and cut in so many places. I don’t know how I am here today. There were pieces of me that I’m sure were separated from my body. No one has talked much of my condition when they finally found me after the battle. At least the battle ended with us as the victors! I want to just close my eyes and rest – but that brings deadly images to mind.
Am I too weak to continue this quest that Iomead has set me on? Will I fail my Goddess and bring shame on myself? Will Justice not be served because I am not worthy?
Or has She given me another chance to prove my mettle in serving her? To fix what is in need of repair so I can shine in glory while destroying evil for the holy cause of Justice! YES!!

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

Each and every day is more horrifing than the one before. Each time we end a day in near death, being beaten form head to toe, I think I will never be able to get the courage to try again. But each time we each individually seem to come up with a miraculous blow or outstanding plan just at the right time…I can hardly close my eyes for fear of what I will recall. Will I see Teyla paraslized and about to be killed when I thought I was all alone,Joque comes back to save the day. It was outstanding. Or will I see Zelshee, beaten and bloody. She must of taken enough blows that would killed 10 others but she kept on and on til she just couldn’t. No time for the rest of us to be sad we had carry on to save ourselves and get Zelshee to safety so she could be healed. Joque has Olujimmi’s head, he thinks we will be able to get his followers to follow us now. That gives me the creeps…I will have to pray and meditate on that one, for sure. Mastuuk was brilliant will all his spells and summoned creatures.

From the Journal of Mastuuk Venso

28 Abadius 4711AR

The king is dead, the king of the monkeys has been smitten. My sister has offered her life to her god yet again, an increasingly common event and one that upsets me to no end. There is no reason she has to go to such extreme ends to defeat evil. If evil escapes but you live to fight other days, isn’t that better than destroying a single being and snuffed out? I understand the intricacies of many powerful summoning spells but I will never understand her simple drive to destroy whatever evil is before her on a given day.
As for the others, they also performed quite well even when Teyla was out of the picture. We are becoming a well honed edge and it makes me a little prideful to know that I’ve turned this unlikely group into a powerful team.
Now I must go attend to my sister, she is about to return from her recovery trip to Jalmeray, it is a magical place.

Now You See Him
Say hello to my little friend!

Goalrion date 26 Abadius 4711 AR

They cast a bunch of prep spells and Mastuuk teleported himself and Teyla and Drasheen into the fortress tower. The ground floor of the tower was littered with long branches ties in a pyramid shape in groups of three. Olujimmi had set teleportation traps all over and they teleported right into some.

There was a large ape on the thrown wearing a crown of sticks and a ripped jacket with two extra arms and another dire ape standing at the edge of the dias. Zelshee called down the fury of Iomedae and cut it down with one stroke of her axe. “Take that Olujimmi” she said as the two ledges above exploded with simian fury.

Mastuuk teleported back to the others and came back with them shortly thereafter. Teyla and Zelshee began fighting their way up the steps as they spied the real Olujimmi on the third level with two of his dire apes. There were six chauru-ka on the second level. Zelshee charged through the chauru-ka with Joque close behind as Teyla and Drasheen dealt with the short monkey men. Mastuuk cast spells from the ground floor until he drew too much attention at which time he dimension stepped outside only to find himself the focus of a half dozen chauru-ka and a dire ape guarding the courtyard.

Olujimmi stayed on the third floor ledge as he threw spells at them, mostly dispelling their prepared spells but also managing to get off a domination spell on Mastuuk that was only temporarily blocked by a protection from evil spell.

Zelshee and Joque made the third level, fighting through a chauru-ka and a dire ape slowing them down and faced off with the intimidating Olujimmi. Olujimmi threw 3 axes at Joque, who used his new gloves to catch one and throw it back. That enraged Olujimmi who launched himself in a half ton of fiendish simian fury at Joque. Zelshee stepped in and smote Olujimmi, attracting his attention. Olujimmi and Zelshee battled for a bit, with Zelshee getting in enough powerful blows with her axe to wound the beast. Olujimmi took a step back and disappeared with a poppping sound, he had teleported out!

Looking around and finding nothing more than signs that all of these creatures had been living here, they decided they needed to leave. Mastuuk dimension walked an invisible Drasheen and Joque out the back wall of the keep to the cliffs on the north side. Once outside, Joque noticed a 20 foot tall ape with bat wings, curling ram horns, and smoke snaking from it’s nostrils flying this way with Olujimmi riding it! Joque scrambled down the cliff to the water and dove in, invisible Drasheen cast air walk and ran across the chasm to the jungle of the valley walls on the other side and Mastukk returned inside and teleported himself and the two others back to their staging point.

They waited until Drasheen and Joque showed up. Drasheen told them the massive demonic ape and Olujimmi had flown to the keep. When Mastuuks protection from evil wore off, he dropped to the ground and began muttering worshipful words to Olujimmi. When Mastuuk began muttering where they were located, Zelshee tied him up and gagged him. Olujimmi was controlling him! They fled back towards camp, but saw the huge demonic ape flying towards them searching for them with Olujimmi on it’s back. They scrambled down the slopes and tried to hide from the beast. It flew within a couple hundred feet but continued on. They could see Olujimmin on it’s back, searching the jungle, apparently having healed himself.

After the beast flew on they made it back to camp. Nkechi and Drasheen tried to dispel the domination on Mastuuk but it didn’t work. They waited and two days later Nkechi was finally able to dispel the spell affecting Mastuuk. There had been no further sign of Olujimmi. Visions of the massive winged ape haunted their dreams…

Notes of Zelshee Venso

It was a long shot, and we knew it! We had no way of knowing what to expect. But, we had a good solid plan. And it almost worked. But I got a little too anxious and tried to do too much on my own. Mistakes were made. But luckily, no one died! Except A LOT of monkey men! Sadly, not the big bad one. Olujimmi lives to do battle again. We were so close to destroying him - but also so very close to being destroyed by him. He is more powerful (and smarter) than I imagined.

The huge demonic flying ape is of great concern to me! Is it a pet or a guard? If we kill Olujimmi will it just go away –HA! No! We now have another great beast to slay.

We MUST take precautions to never have the evil Olujimmi take possession of Mastukk’s mind again. Or any of us. That was almost our downfall. Had Olujimmi found us, in the shape we were in…….well, add that to the list of ‘Ways I Can Die Before I’m An Old Half Orc”.

Now we need a new plan. Sleep would help. Restful sleep! Maybe a talk with Nkechi might shed some light on a few things that could help us. Couldn’t hurt the situation.

From the Journal Drasheen Rettig

As I prepare to Pray and Meditate I’m watching my good friend Mastuuk whose mind had been taken over by the Evil one. In this state of mind Mastuuk had been telling of are where abouts and our plans. Finally Zelshee gagged her brother so he would of no more use to them.

The plan was so intricate and well thought out but until we got there we couldn’t actually know what we were up against. It was carzy and mind boggling and we were winning. Then it disappeared. As I was invisible and air walking to safty I saw a huge demonic ape creature flying through the sky with Olujimmi on his back. They flew to the top of the keep. WE ARE NOT DONE WITH THIS EVIL ONE!!!

Tomorrow when we get up from a good night’s sleep we will go over all of the events and list all the spells Olijimmi used and how he surprized with all of his dispell magic spells so all of our defences were taken away one by one. We too will have to come up with a way to counter his spells. This was by far the most compicated and intricate assult we have ever been on. I do hope we can get a few more good nights sleep…

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I hit that one right on the head, didn’t I? We threw a scare into that yellow-livered fat ape Olujimmi when we popped into (and out of — thank God) his throne room a couple of days ago. And just like I said, that coward put some poor dumb dire ape on his throne, put in a bunch of things to mess up teleporting, and hid in the rafters surrounded by more of his dire ape buddies and his toughest chauru-ka …. like a court girl up on a table grasping her peticotes for fear of a mouse on the floor!!! Cowardly bastard!

Working around Mastuuk and Drasheen has taught me a little about how they do their majic and I was able to suggest a couple of things about how we might assault the ha-ha great king using some of their powers but in their discussions it became clearer to me that they had to pick and choose their approach because of some limit on how many and what kinds of spells they could ready in a certain amount of time. So, it struck me how badly we must have shook “his magesty” up when he had so many spells of his own dedicated just to defeating a crew like ours.

But we almost got him anyway. He was squared away on Zelshee and I was about to put a couple of feet of adamantine between his four hairy shoulder blades when he popped out of his blood soaked tower and ran for it. He’s just like so many other bullies I have run into in the streets and in the bars of this world. He even had that spell ready.

Then, he comes back with his “big dog”. Mastuuk seems to know what that thing was he was riding I just know it was a flying horror. I also know that the last time I saw anything like that it was a statue back on the elevated plaza just below the local ziggurat. Knowing how a scumbag like Olujimmi thinks and acts tells me that this isn’t the first time he has made that thing come back to life. I bet he keeps it on that plaza and brings it back now and then to terrorize the local chauru-ka into submission to his every evil whim. I remember that when Drasheen cast her portent spell the answer she got said that killing Olujimmi would bring us closer to our goals but I bet the rest of it would be that eliminating Olujimmi and his playmate would be not only a good thing for us but a good thing for the chauru-ka here abouts. But that is going to take some doing --

The worst thing I think I have seen in a long time was Mastuuk groveling on the ground and praising that fat ape through slack lips. Mastuuk has the strongest mind in my memory and yet there he was, at the end, on his knees bubbering about how great and mighty Olujimmi was. I wanted to puke not only because my friend was lowered to this but because I knew that it would surely have been me if that four-armed freak had leveled his power on me. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it. And even if knocking Mastuuk unconcsious was the only answer to keeping him from giving away our location it was also a blessing to hear him stop talking like that!

I am not the best figher or planner in this crew but I think we cannot go back after Mister Olujimmi directly again. Now he knows a lot more about us and can set things up to take us down easier. We need to bring him to us - get him to chase us into some dark alley.

He will only do that if he thinks he can destroy us easily or is so angry he forgets himself. The last time I was in a situation anything like this, what worked was taunting the huge ego of another bully into making a deadly mistake. I wonder if Mastuuk is strong enough, capable enough, and brave enough, after what Olujimmi has just put him through, to do the job. All he has to do is link his mind back to that chunk of filth again and blubberingly let him know exactly where to come and how to finish us off.

Maybe I will still get a chance to feel those hairy shoulders sag on the point of my blade - for Mastuuk and for the chaura-ka -

From the Jornal of Mastuuk Venso

26 Abadius 4711 AR

Fools! We’ve wasted two more days because nobody has figured out that a simple protection spell would have been enough to ensure my domination was ineffective! It has been days since I have made a journal entry because I have spent that time grovelling to that awful monkey but my anger has not subsided.

26 Abadius 4711 AR, evening

Perhaps I judge my friends too harshly. While I would have hoped for a quicker resolution, they are not as schooled in the magic arts as I and I can’t expect them to know nearly as much. I guess I’m really mad at myself for allowing the domination spell to reach me. It doesn’t change the fact that Olujimmi has had more time to prepare for us again. Although his preparations last time proved less than adequate. We would have stopped him if I had thought to cast a fly spell on my sister so she could reach him more quickly before her spells were exhausted. Live and learn.

Now, what should we do about that foul mount of his? We can’t fight it in the open, we would be slaughtered. But perhaps we can lure it into another trap. If we can get Olujimmi and his pet to come to us and disappear into a protected building we might have a chance. Maybe it would be enough to show up in the district and announce ourselves. Could it be that easy? Few things are.

Dropping In
Howdy Neighbor!

Golarion date 23 Abadius 4711AR

They ran.

Joque ran first, then he came back, then the others ran, then Joque ran. But Joque found himself separated and ended up running for the lake and jumping off the bridge and swimming for it. The others fled through the city with howling charau-ka in pursuit on the rooftops. A haste spell from Mastuuk allowed them to outdistance their pursuers as the sounds of screaming monkey men erupted from across the whole district. At one point they were cut off by a patrol at an intersection, but fought their way through and escaped the district. The charau-ka did not pursue them out of the district.

They returned to camp and called it a day.

The next day they were determined to find out who or what Olujimmi was. They skirted the government camp and climbed the slopes of the valley to a ruined building overlooking the lake across from Olujimmi’s fortress. Mastuuk went invisible and opened a dimensional door to teleport himself and Joque across the lake into the northwest corner of the fortress. They found themselves in a storeroom off the central yard of the keep. Peering out the door they could see two charau-ka and a dire ape guarding the gate and at least two chaura-ka walking the walls. Realizing they couldn’t make it across the yard in broad daylight without being spotted, Mastuuk used his conjurers ability to dimensional step to hop through the walls of the outbuildings and made it from one outbuilding to the next until they finally teleported into the large tower that made up the entire eastern third of the fortress.

They found the circular tower was completely open all the way to the top. Around the perimeter there were 2 wide stone balconies that made the interior cylindrical room into 3 levels. All three levels were perforated with arrow slits, and stairs connected each level and led to a trapdoor to the roof.

On the western side of the ground level were large doors leading to the yard. On the opposite side was a raised square dias with 3 steps and columns at each corner. On the dias was a large throne occupied by a hulking nasty looking four armed gorilla. The beast was heavily armed with a variety of axes, was wearing gruesome trophies as jewelry including a necklace of human and elven ears. Standing around the dias were 4 dire apes, and 6 chaura-ka warriors were on the upper platforms. Mastuuk realized that the gorilla was actually an Anghazani, a Spawn of Anghazan, the demon lord of beasts and cruel tyrants. The Anghazani are a race of intelligent man eating high girallons ruled by the Gorilla King in the western Mwangi Jungle. This must be Olujimmi himself:


Olujimmi looked at them in surprise and leaped to his feet roaring “Who are you that dares intrude into the lair of the great Olujimmmi!!!!” Joque put up his hands and tried to mutter some placating words as the invisible Mastuuk put his hand on Joque preparing to teleport to safety. “On your knees insect! Pay homage to Olujimmi or die where you stand!” he roared. Joque immediately dropped to his knees as the dire apes menaced them and the charau-ka on the upper levels hooted. Olujimmi looked straight at Mastuuk (who was invisible) and said “You too weakling, down on your knees!” as Olumjimmi drew 3 throwing axes simultaneously with his 3 free hands. When Mastuuk realized Olujimmi could see him even though he was invisible, his heart sank into his stomach and he dropped to his knees once again putting his hand on Joque just in case. “Now kiss the dirt you worms, and prepare yourselves to pay tribute to Anghazan!” The bent down as commanded. “Take them!” Olujimmi ordered the apes, who moved forward. That was enough for Mastuuk who quickly began casting a dimension door spell to get them the heck out of there. Olujimmi roared and threw all three of his axes at Mastuuk, as the axes whirled across the room towards the mage he completed the spell and they popped back to the building across the lake.

Mastuuk and Joque quickly rattled off their story and just as they were finishing, the sounds of beating drums could be heard coming from the fortress across the water. Fearing an imminent attack from the ape men in the neighboring district they fled for the government camp which was close by. They warned the government of the possible attack, and the soldiers of the government faction were a buzz of activity as they prepared. Returning to the Pathfinder camp, they also prepared for a possible attack canceling exploration activities for the day and fortified for an attack that never came. All was quiet.

The next day Mastuuk prepared a scroll of dimension door. They planned to attack Olujimmi in his lair with Mastuuk shuttling the group across with his teleportation spells in small groups and he needed the scroll as a backup. On the third day they headed back planning to face the Ape Lord of the eastern district in the heart of his lair.

Note of Zelshee Venso

Foolishness. That’s what this next adventure is going to be. I’m not sure how we will ever defeat all these monkey men! Do we have the knowledge and the abilities to overcome this great evil? I have my doubts. I pray Iomedae will still have need of my axe after this encounter with Olujimmi and his minions! And it’s all the minions that I am so worried about. There are just so many of them. And will they just lay down their weapons once their great leader is dead? Now that’s the pile of gold question!
I am happy to do battle with the great Olujimmi! That is one Evil creature that I will gladly send back to the abyss!
We all have our own specialties – everyone in this little group. We just need to work together, count on each other, and leave none of our dead bodies behind!

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

These recon missions are getting tougher and toughter!

You go in just checking a place out and wind up running (and/or swimming) for your life. Geeze! I never saw so many pissed off monkeys in my life and I’d like to avoid any further views of that sort for a long time to come. It is obvious to the casual observer that there is no way we are going to fight that many individuals. It reminds me of the swarms of insects we have encountered. No matter how many of them you kill there are still more trying to take your life.

I guess that was what Mastuuk was thinking too. One way to beat a colony of insects is to tame or kill the queen, or so I have heard. He convinced me to come along to see if we could gather some kind of info on what the castle up on the hill was like. But Mastuuk, being the really smart one in the crew, decided to go right into the main keep. I found out later that what he wanted to know was something more about this Olujimmmi guy. Well, we found out okay! Not only is he the largest, smelliest, and most fouly bedecked ape I ever saw (or hope to see again) he turned out to be some kind of demon spawn. And said spawn was not only sitting on some kind of throne but was heavily armed and wide awake! There was a lot of howling and rage and I hit the dirt but things turned really bad when it became ovious that Olujimmi could clearly see Mastuuk who was totally invisible to me! I don’t think there is a sailor alive who was ever more happy to feel a half orc hand on his back than I was because what I expected to happen was to find myself all alone in a room full of blood thirsty animals. When I felt Mastuuk’s hand on my back even after it was clear he was visible to the demon I was more than a little suprised.

The next thing I know we are back across the water with our friends. This dime en son door thing that Mastuuk can pull off is something I really, really, really need to learn how to do!!!!!

Again, I think the swarm of insects thing is on several minds. What comes up next is a plan to go back into Olujimmi’s throne room, using Mastuuk’s abilities to get us there quickly, and kill or capture him. I think the best thing we can do is kill him and cut off his ugly head and carry it out to show his minions he is gone but I don’t know what happens to a demon when you kill it. He might just disappear in a puff of smoke or something.

And the beauty of this current plan is that I am going to have to run away on my own and Drasheen is going to have to air walk her way away on her own if we are successfull. The way I understand it, Mastuuk can only do so many spells of this kind a day.

On top of that, the plan has a few other flaws that have likely developed between our first visit and this next planned one. I don’t think we are going to get in there and out of there so easily the next time. If I know big, fat, tough guys very well, and I do, this Olujimmi probably pooped on his throne when we popped in and out of there the other day. For the next month or so he will have every platform above him filled with arrow shooting, spear throwing monkeys and will have two or three times as many fighters around him and his chair. Hell, if I was him, I might dress somebody else up to look like me, let him sit on my chair for a while, while I hid under my bed.

But we plow on. I think Olujimmi would be highly insulted if somebody told him that guys out there were mentally comparing him to a queen bee but that is exactly what is happening. Drasheen cast a spell the other day and asked her diety if killing this ape would help and apparenly the answer she got back was affirmative. So, look out Queenie, here goes nothin’!!

I only hope my half elf ears don’t go good with the others around that four-armed freak’s neck.

From the Journal ofDrasheen Rettig

Oh boy the thouht of humndreds of monkey men…how can we possibly kill all of them? Run, don’t run. Yes, Run like hell. I feel we all will have to use all our powers, experiecnc and knowledge to even get pass the next few days much lessthe months its going to take rid this place ofall its evil. But each of us have our talents and when working together it si amazing. We have all come so close to death and yet we have never given up on each other. It is allso mind boggling. I was pround of us for warning the government of the dangers and possible attack was truely unselfish of Mastuuk and a good thing. Now we know more than any of the other groups about the circular tower and the rooms inside, all of which will be used against them. we must come up with a plan to kill Olumjimmi. That will take lots of prayers and meditation. Mastuuk’s summoning monsters has been brilliant and Teyla’s and Zeshee"s bravery had been undaunting but surprisingly enough Joque has out done himself over and over again. We have been a true team. I"m proud of us. We have been Blessed.

From the journal of Mastuuk Venso

23 Abadius 4711AR

My research has recently lead me to a most useful technique. I’ve studied the dimension door spell extensively and have determined how it warps space and allow for rapid travel over short distances. I’ve become so familiar with the process that I now find that I can enter a cross dimensional state with only the power of my mind. While not as powerful as the spell, I am still able to pass through obstructions and escape the clutches of my enemies.

My first major tactical test of this ability was something of a success. Joque and I were able to pass through the walls of Olujimmi’s keep and surprise the foul demonic beast. Unfortunately we was able to see through my invisibility, a most unnerving experience. We escaped just in time but have raised his hackles. I feer death is the only release we can hope for, his or ours.

This will be a most difficult foe. Our plan is to strength and quicken the team. I will transport my sister and Teyla as close as possible to Olujimmi hoping that he will be in his throne room. A quick return for Drasheen and Joque should position us well to focus on the four armed monster. With luck we will defeat him before his guards can dispatch us. If not, my new ability may be our only way out. Barring that, god save us all.

The only hesitation I have with the plan is I think we might be better sending Joque and Drasheen to the roof first in order to drop on our unsuspecting foe and distract him from the fighters. That will depend on how many guards are on the roof, maybe a brief scouting expedition first? Or maybe Joque can sneak in and scale the wall instead.

Stirring up the Hornet's Nest
I told you this was a bad idea!

Over the next several days they spent most of the time in archaeological studies of the trade district. Mastuuk studied the spell books he had found, but was surprised when he set off a magical trap on them that resulted in a violent blast of ultra freezing cold. They went down into the cave in the sinkhole that had collapsed the northwest corner of the ziggurat and disturbed the rest of a giant Mwangi Night Bat that had roosted in the convenient large cave exposed by the collapse. The bat carried off Mastuuk to the top of the obelisk for a quick meal, but Mastuuk was able to teleport to safety. The bat returned for Joque, but Joque dove back into the pit for cover. When Teyla climbed out of the pit, it carried her off back to the top of the obelisk, but it was killed before it could eat her.

They decided to activate the obelisk using the ritual methods Mastuuk had discovered. They crushed some zircons and sprinkled them on the stone. As they did, the large rune engraved on the city facing side of the stone glowed brightly and a ring of magical energy started at the bottom of the obelisk with a humming sound and rose quickly to the top from where it spread like a gentle explosion out across the ruins. Each person in view felt something happen to them, but they were unsure what.

Mastuuk was able to learn a few things from the clues left in the ruins: The spear (obelisk) on top of the central ziggurat exerted a magical influence that improved people’s negotiation skills (plus 2 diplomacy). He also later discovered that when the spear was activated, it’s magical effect gave everyone significant increases in their ability to appraise valuables, including magic items (plus 6 appraise skill and plus 6 spellcraft to identify magic items). In one area he was able to find references to an immortal being known as The Radiant Muse who resided in the city during its prime. The clues tied the Radiant Muse to the concepts of art and beauty, but were vague beyond that.

Feeling they may have begun to exhaust the information and relics available in the trade district, they decided to explore the currently unvisited northeast section of the city. As they moved into this district they noticed the buildings were decidely plainer and more sturdy and functional (the trade district buildings were more elegant and decorated). Joque also soon noticed that the signs of animal activity that were evident in the wild overrun trade district were missing here. Zelshee’s keen orc nose picked up a creatures scent that she found familiar, but couldn’t quite place. They thought a quick investigation of a building or two for possible inhabitants was prudent, and Teyla watched the street while the others investigated inside.

Soon they heard shouts from outside and found Teyla squared off against a pair of chauru-ka, one of which was leading a large ape on a leash. The monkey men were armed and were shouting at Teyla about intruding in the domain of “Olujimmi” in the local mwangi tongue, but she didn’t understand a word and things had gotten tense. Mastuuk and Joque tried to reason with them, but the monkey men were quite agitated at the appearance of 4 more intruders and insisted that the group talk to the great Olujimmi at the fortress that was visible on the hill to the north. They threatened to sick Bobo on them (the ape). Joque tried to cut a deal in eloquent style “Get out of our way or we will kill you”. Zelshee wasn’t sure what was being said, but when they ape charged she guessed at the gist of Joque’s last curt recitation…

They made short work of the monkey men and dire ape and dragged the bodies into the building. Being fixated on exploring the ziggurat and spear in this district they moved away from the fortress and at Joque’s insistence made their way to the plaza south of the ziggurat that they had spied from a distance earlier. Entering the plaza, it seemed to have once been a large market place or parade ground. It was surrounded by 3 story buildings and led from the lake to the ziggurat. The plaza had four towering columns from which they were surprised to spot the corpses of 4 snake people hanging by their neck with their hands tied behind their back. As the moved into the plaza two hulking 4 armed white gorillas stepped out from behind the columns and roared a challenge. Answering this was a cacophony of hoots and howls from the surrounding buildings as the faces of hundreds of monkey men appeared in the windows all around them, cheering on the dangerous looking girallons in the plaza. Everyone in the party glared at Joque as the girallons charged to the great delight of the monkey men onlookers.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I know it looks bad but I tried to reason with those chauru-ka things, didn’t I. And wasn’t it obvious to even the dumbass dire ape they had with them that there was simply no way in the seven heavens or hells that Draheen and Teyla were simply never – never, never, never ever – going to hand over their weapons and go to see another charu-ka “Great Leader” again? And I tried to warn them didn’t I, in language even the dumb little bastards could understand? I mean what part of “Get out of the way or we will kill you.” didn’t the little scumbags understand?

And when you think about it, my insistance on heading straight for the plaza in front of the next ziggurat cut out a lot of miscellaneous crap didn’t it? Looking at the crowd of chauru-ka gathering on all the balconies and in all the windows above us and smelling the dead snake men and girallon crap down here in the arena I just know. I know that any direction we took through this district was going to wind up here. I can almost envision us facing their great leader, Olujimmi I think they called him after being eventually hunted down, overcome by sheer numbers and having Olujimmi condemn us to this very plaza.

I feel the appreciative eyes of my crew on me as the crowd and girallons roar! What a leader!

Now, I must move to the back.

Notes from Zelshee Venso

I think I might have gotten a shot or two off before that Dire Bat bit the dust, but I’m not sure. Man, that thing was massive! Just like aalllll the other deadly creatures we keep encountering here. I wonder, could it have actually pick me up? Or might I have been too much for it? We’ll never know.

Chauru-ka. The worst of enemies! Not for their deadly ways. But, for the simple fact that Joque speaks the language and he is now our chief diplomat!! We are all truly doomed!!
He talked us right into a skirmish with a few of them and their pet ape. Now we stand in the center of a killing arena with a multitude of chauru-ka cheering, jeering and shouting at us.
And just where is Joque sneaking off to??
I mistakenly wasted a Bull strength that I cast on myself before we were attacked by the chauru-ka and their ape. And the effects are completely gone now. Damn. I’m going to need something if we’re going to get out of this alive! Maybe we can persuade them to let me do battle with one of their fighters. Just the 2 of us. And then I’m sure we’ll need to meet this great Olujimmi. But hopefully not before too many of us are struck down by the hoard! Damn. Damn. Damn.
Get back here Joque!!!


I have just a few moments to scrawl this note before we leave and as I sit here my companions are dragging the bodies of a chauru-ka scout party into a building. This district is controlled by the beasts, lead by the imposing sounding Olujimmi. We continue to the next spear but something doesn’t seem quite right. I worry that this note might be all that is left if we aren’t careful.

We intend to enter the plaza to the west. I hope it is an abandoned market and not a horrible trap. If you have not heard from us and locate this note, do not enter the plaza.

Hastily yours,
Mastuuk Venso
Mastuuk sigil

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

We are in a bad place right now! I better get myself close to Teyla and Zelshee so I can help & cast a sheild and bull strength and then retreat as best I can. I do hope we all won’t have to fight a bunch of them at once. Or maybe I do. Prayer and meditation that’s what I need to do but its so hard to concentrate right now with all the cheering and yelling all around us. Hey where is Jaque going? I don’t know but he always coms back. I am speechless which is good because I should be praying. The longer I just stand here the more frightened I get. Think damnit. OK I feel better now.

Wings of Death
Discoveries worth dying for

Golarion date 15 Abadius 4711AR

They explored the bone covered island and found evidence of a lot of crocodile bones and other creatures. The primordial giant croc’s lair was in the alcove on the north side of the island, but unfortunately it did not hoard any treasure.

Over the next 2 days Mastuuk and the Pathfinders began studying the cleared trade district. Mastuuk was able to piece together from archeological studies that the obelisk on the pyramid could be activated somehow with a ritual. Either sprinkling the stones of the ziggurat with at least 50 gp worth of powdered gemstones, channel energy into the spear (requires one use of channel energy from a cleric who worships a deity associated with trade or wealth), or perform a 1-hour ritual involving counting money and polishing jewelry.

On the third day they decided to investigate the small keep on the pillar of rock across the water on the southern side of the trade district. The keep appeared to have been positioned to keep an eye on the approaches to the city on this side of the valley. Joque and Teyla began swimming across, Mastuuk cast a fly spell on Drasheen and Zelshee who carried the skinny mage.

When they were half way across, Drasheen spotted 3 creatures peering at them from the ruins of the top of the keeps one large tower. Soon enough she realized it was one creature with 3 heads, a dragon head, a lion head, and a goats head all attached to a winged lions body. As the chimera launched itself from the top of it’s tower, it’s two companions soon followed. As the 3 chimera attacked the interlopers, breathing acid or noxious gas, the group retreated for the shore.

Zelshee tried to make a stand on the shore but was soon overwhelmed and mauled. Drasheen tried to fly at full speed into the ruined doorway of a house, but missed and hit the wall knocking her unconscious. Mastuuk went invisible and summoned a hound archon which was able to distract the critters for a while. Teyla finally made it to shore, and fought valiantly but was also overwhelmed and mauled. Joque tried for shore but was nearly grabbed and fled back into the water. The archon managed to finish off one of the wounded chimera, but soon the summon duration ran out and the archon disappeared. Mastuuk was able to get a few spells off, but was cornered in the ruined building where he had taken refuge when Joque came to the rescue and finished off the last one from behind.

Joque was able to get a wand of curing to work on Drasheen who then healed the mauled warriors and they all celebrated yet another narrow brush with death.

Investigating the ruined keep they found the chimeras had probably laired there for quite some time. They found a hoard of treasure and the skeletal remains of a human which had been burned with acid and then eaten. In his magical satchel they found spell books, a wand, and a fancy amulet with the familiar Aspis Consortium symbol. The name Edran Lekadnus was inscribed in the spell books.

Returning to camp with their loot, they decided to pay a visit to the Consortium camp with their find. The Aspis thugs were not too happy to see Pathfinders in their camp, but when Mastuuk pulled out the symbol Ishirou took them to Dargan Etters. They found Dargan in a sumptuous tent dressed in silk finery. Dargan smoothly welcomed them while somehow implying an unspoken threat. They showed him the symbol they had found and told him about the body and mentioned the name Edran Lekadnus. Mastuuk’s pathological compulsion to lie kicked in as he tried to hide details requested by Dargan. Dargan told them that only 4 men in the world would have that Aspis symbol, and they were high ranking members of the Consortium. One of them was a wizard named Edran Lekadnus, but he had been missing for 10 years. Edran was last known to be operating in Bloodcove but had disappeared.

Dargan spoke with Drasheen about the Consortium members she had killed in the attack on the Pathfinder camp. He managed to imply that the group would only leave alive with his permission, all while seeming the gracious host. Dargan soon tired of toying with them, and allowed them to leave. He had made his point.

They returned to the Pathfinder camp and discussed their next move. The lure of the cave under the sinkhole near the ziggurat called.

From the journal of Mastuuk Venso

16 Abadius 4711AR

I have finally begun my study of the City, fully engaged and without distraction. The obelisks truly are powerful artifacts activated by simple rituals. What these magics do is another story and I have not quite uncovered those secrets. Unfortunately, my companions grow tired of research and find it monotonous. I do not understand but I know enough to keep them engaged and to channel their energies properly, and away from my work. We decided to explore the island fortress and determine what was housed in its spire. At first, this seemed a mistake as we were nearly overwhelmed by three great chimera. If not for my powerful summoning spells we would have spent eternity in this great City. My Archon is a powerful ally, especially against the great evils which reside in the brains of these beasts. He finished one of the beasts and my other magics softened the others. Joque dealt the final blow to the beast who had me corned and I thank him for that.

Once inside their lair, we found little except for the remains of a Consortium member. Edran Lekadnus, it turns out, was a great leader of the Aspis and a powerful mage. A handy haversack full of powerful magics and two spellbooks! I will have to delay my further investigations of the trade district to examine these books. Perhaps I will survive the shortage of spells after all!

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I am the weak link in the chain of our crew. This got proven again today. I spent most of the battle with these Chimera horrors swimming for my life. Mastuuk seems to be able to bring all kinds of allies in to help us. Drasheen throws her own fate to the winds in order to heal our battle wounds in mid combat. Zelshee fights like a lion and Teyla like a tiger. In the midst of lightnings, clashing weapons, and the appearance and disappearance of strange beasts growling and tearing into the things that attack us I swim in circles!!!

Out of all the people here I should truely be somewhere else. And yet, my hands shaking with every move I have helped them. And when I wanted to run and hide, I came back. And when all seemed lost, my sword hit some vital part of yet another monstrosity and dropped it in a stinking heap at the very feet of the one it was about to kill. Again, I wonder. Am I being aided and my shaking hands guided by something from beyond this time and place I am scrabbling through? Could some diety be helping us and me in particular? I am wet and stinking of fear but we are all still alive and here and to some extent because I find myself able to move when I am frozen in terror and confusion.

I am exhausted and my head hurts from thinking about these things. I hope the others didn’t see me hesitating to come back. The only reason I keep on going at this point is that I know I would be haunted to the end of my days with the way their eyes might look on me if I didn’t. Mastuuk thanked me when he walked out of that building today. I wonder what he would say if he knew just how close I came to not coming up the beach at all.

Just yesterday I was thinking that my mother would not believe it if I got killed doing some of these things. Today, I wonder if she could believe it if she knew how I felt about these people and about how I would feel if I ran. What an insane thought. Where would I run to?

Got to get well and stay in back. Repeat after me…. stay in back, stay in back, stay in back….

Note from Zelshee Venso

Looking death in the face once again!! Years ago, Mastuuk showed me a picture of a 3 headed creature. I laughed so hard. I thought he was just toying with me. I was so very wrong! Not only did these creatures have 3 heads, but they breathed acid / fire / gas / smoke. I think all at the same time! How did we not know these things were here?? They were big. How could we miss them?
I went down soon after the fight began. I don’t even know how to kill one of these things if we ever run across another! Once again, Joque saved my big axe! Because of him and Mastuuk, I live on to fight another day…
We (they) killed the creatures. So we were able to get into the keep. Besides making sure there weren’t any more – we didn’t find anything very interesting. Although, Mastuuk was happy at our findings. Mostly it was a waste of time We did find a dead Aspis guy. And a lot of gold. And a spell book. But nothing really interesting. No weapons of any kind. Nothing a real adventurer can use.
I thought it would be a good idea to inform Dargan of the dead Aspis. Probably not one of my better ideas. He just so evil. And he wasn’t real happy about us dropping by for a visit. Not after that little fight involving Drasheen a few days ago. He had to strut around, show us who was boss, who’s better at intimidating (him), before he would ‘let’ us leave. The egos in each camp around here are MASSIVE and MANY!
Next is the pyramid. Mastuuk said that some kind of ritual could be performed to activate the obelisk on the pyramid. What does that mean? Can all the pyramids be activated? What happens when one is? What would happen if they ALL were? What would happen if we just went home?

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

Again I say this is a scarey place! And again as I close my eyes I see dragons, lions and goat heads flying towards us spuning acid, fire and noxious gas as us. Its just hard to imagine such things, because they are true!! I find myself shaking myself and saying don’t think of such things just keep praying and keep moving. Then we meet a man by the name of Dargan and I can see why we do these things tho keep the likes of him taking over. He was so arogant and full of himself and gave us all such a hard time. I wanted to punch him…yeh…more than once. But we were on a mission of compassion to return the Aspis Consortium symbot of Edran Lekednus the remains of the dead man we found so I held back and calmed down for the good of the party, but Zelshee, she almost lost it. Mastuuk has been getting more engrossed in the findings and learning the secrets of this place its hard to get him to move on. And Joque, ohmy gosh if it weren’t for him I would be dead once again. He thinks he is not brave but he is truely brave!!
If I think about this all musch longer I’ll get some rest…just close your eyes and pray Drasheen just pray.

Hunters or Hunted
It's how big?!?!?

Golarion date 15 Abadius 4711AR

Seeing how useful the enchanted weapons were against the shadows in the vault, Drasheen decided she needed to magic her trident so prayed to Gozreh to bless the weapon over the next two days. Mastuuk bought a scroll from the Pathfinders and worked to inscribe it in his spellbook. Bored while the spellcasters did their thing, Zelshee, Joque, and Teyla climbed the ridge south of their camp to approach the bone island from the jungle side to see what they could see.

The going was difficult because of the thick jungle and the slope of the valley sides, but they found a spot where they could see the depression on the north side of the island where they suspected a creature lurked. They watched for several hours when two huge jungle mantises decided to make meals of Zelshee and Teyla. Unfortunately for the mantises they forgot to bring their can openers and could not get through the metal exterior to the juicy bits inside, although one did manage to squeeze some juice out of Zelshee. After defeating the mantises, the three watched until the afternoon rains came, but saw no movement from the island, although Joque did spot some horse sized winged creature flying into the keep on the island in the distance. They made their way back towards camp, but Zelshee slipped and tumbled towards the water. She was able to catch herself on a tree and finally make it back over the ridge.

The next day they went back to watch some more, this time with Mastuuk. Again, they saw nothing and got wet. While they were gone, Drasheen was praying over her trident and heard yells and the clash of steel from the east side of camp. Dropping her prayers, she grabbed the trident and rushed over there to find a pitched battle going on between the Pathfinders and a dozen tough looking men wielding scimitars and kukris. Drasheen charged headlong into the fray and soon found herself squaring off against two of the attackers. Though hard pressed she was able to drop one with spells and trident, but was injured. When she stepped back from the second and cured herself, he growled “No more of that you damnable <***bleep***>” and tackled her. Soon he had her pinned and was driving the kukri towards her vitals, and Drasheen knew she was in trouble. A long struggle ensued, and Drasheen was cut several times. Eventually she was able to free one hand and send a spark of lightning into her attackers face, and finish him off. Drasheen was gravely wounded, but the attackers had been driven off. She soon found out they were Apsis guards who had gotten into an altercation with some of the Pathfinders in the ruins. A fistfight had broken out, and when one of the Pathfinders was losing he drew a dagger and stabbed his Aspis assailant. The Aspis guy had fled, but come back to the camp with friends. There was much damage done to the camp during the fight.

The group returned from island watching to find the damage done by the attack. Zelshee wanted to blame Amivor Glaur, and lectured him. He did not take it kindly. Zelshee decided to go out hunting after the rains stopped, but got lost in the jungle. When she didn’t come back by dark, Teyla had to go find her. Maybe city girls shouldn’t wander the jungle alone…

The third day the group decided to attack the bone island. Returning to the jungle slopes facing the water, Mastuuk flew out invisibly and summoned dolphins to attack the huge creature he saw resting in the water while the other four waited in the trees with bows. As the summoned dolphins attacked, the water erupted with a humungous crocodile! The croc promptly swallowed one of the dolphins whole and began ravaging the others in a frenzy of tooth and tail. Mastuuk summoned a couple sharks as the croc dove, and they watched the water froth for a short while. Mastuuk then summoned 4 horses to the river bank, and sure enough soon the massive croc erupted from the water and chomped down 2 of the horses while the other two fled. The archers in the trees fired and the massive beast spotted them. Mastuuk summoned a nauseous fog which slowed the croc for a short time, writhing tentacles which proved totally ineffective against the monstrosity, and a web which it promptly ripped through like it was fog. The croc crashed up the slope with an incredible burst of speed towards it’s attackers. Mastuuk teleported himself and Zelshee behind it but soon after Zelshee found herself in it’s massive jaws! Just as it was swallowing her whole, Joque was able to finish it with several rapidly well placed strikes with his adamantine machete and the monster died. They extracted Zelshee from inside the dead beast and thanked their luck that they were all alive.

With the destruction of the monster of bone island, the trad district had effectively been pacified and the Pathfinders could begin to move in and perform their exploration of this portion of the city. However, the ruined keep on the island and the foreboding cave in the sinkhole next to the ziggurat remained dangers.

Notes by Zelshee Venso

I lay awake at night counting the ways that I might die. Before I left home, I only could think of a handful. I am now on number 58!

In my last entry I stupidly stated that this was an exciting adventure! HA! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! I almost got eaten by gigantic mantises and I DID get eaten by a Gigantic Crocodile!!! I never imagined creatures could grow so large…..and ugly. That mantis thing still gives me the creeps. Not to mention the inside of a crocodile. Nothing I ever want to see again. Those huge teeth and his breath!!!! I RETCH every time I think of the stench!
Even though I had securely planted myself between 2 trees so as not to slip down the hill, it was really brilliant of Mastuuk to move me to the side of the giant croc. My axe was able to do maximum damage and rip into its’ side. Which is probably why it decided to eat me first! I am grateful to Joque for the quick killing blow. I was able to prevent myself from sliding all the way into the beasts’ stomach.
I heard you can eat croc meat! Serves him right for wanting to eat Zelshee meat!
I would like to get over to that island and have a look at the bones of the creatures this thing has eaten. It might give us an idea of what else is here that we need to be wary of.

At least everything that we fought this time was alive. I’m thinking the next 2 places we investigate might not. Oh Iomedae, hear my prayers!

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I have never felt some of the things I have been feeling here in Savinth-Yhi. Sure, I have been part of several crews before but I have never felt as tight with any of them as I do with this one and it really isn’t a crew as much as a kind of random group of people who have come to rely on one another — more than in a regular crew, I mean. No pirate would ever come back from relative safety to fight a monstrosity like the mantis or croc just because one of the crew was getting herself eaten. Well, maybe for one or two other crew you were really tight with but not all of them. But that is the thing here. Even when I know I should walk away, I find myself running back into the frey simply because somebody I have come to care a lot about is in real danger. And I find myself feeling that way for all of this strange bunch. Nobody on any crew I ever served with before would believe Juan Sevette would do some of the things I have been doing recently. I can almost hear Kassata Lewynn laughing her ass off at me — especially if I got killed doing anything like that — “He got killed doing what?!! Bullsh*t! That isn’t the guy I know.”

I am going back to the island at first light to search for the croc’s den. Heaven only knows who or what that monster left lying there. I hope I can talk one or more of my friends into going with me to act as lookout while I go in the water. I remember stories about crocs with underwater caves that they can lay up in after a big meal. If that monster croc has a cave like that, it might be the place to find some really special treasures. Then again, there might not be a cave or anything but bones, but I gotta look.

As I finished this, I saw Zelshee look my way before heading in to lay down for the night. She isn’t very expressive (except in a battle rage) but I think she kinda gave me a quick look that said thanks for being there for me.

There are those feelings again. If Juan Sevette ever let on that he thought a 300-pound, half-orc woman fighter had a certain beauty to her, he would have been run out of the bar. Maybe I have taken one too many blows to the head or something.

From the Journal ofDrasheen Rettig

As I sat their looking at the 2 dead bodies of the Apsis guard I just fought I began to really feel sorry for myself because I really got beat up good. Then I heard about my buddies getting chomped down and swallowed, “SWALLOWED!” out at the bone island. Oh my gosh, I’m going to have nightmares tonight because we are going back there tomorrow. After I finish enhansing my trident we will head out, oh I don’t know? Zelshee told me the croc was a mile long and that Mastuuk has summoned hundreds of horses and sharks and dolphins to slow down and distract that huge croc before it ate her…Its a good thing Joque didn’t keep his promise to himself “to stay in the back” as I heard he made the killing strike to save Zelshee. What Mastuuk must of been feeling watching his sister getting eaten after he did all he could do….? This place is scarey!
Pray and meditate real hard Darsheen!

From the journal of Mastuuk Venso

15 Abadius 4711AR

I continue to provide Zelshee with opportunities to expand her horizons. How many have witnessed the inside of a giant crocodile?! That crocodile resisted all of my attacks but I did manage to slow it well enough for the rest of the group to turn it into a pin cushion. However, I do hope there are no more of them. We may not be so lucky next time. We were only able to prepare because it did a poor job hiding itself in the water.

Speaking of poor jobs, I worry that some in the Pathfinder group don’t know how to stick to their jobs of exploration. There was an incident with the Aspis which could have been easily avoided and it nearly cost Drasheen her life. We’ve warned those fools to stay away from the Aspis but their pride stood in the way of common sense. Now we all need to rebuild the camp instead of seeking the knowledge and treasures of the city.

I continue to expand my knowledge of spells but I find it difficult to locate suitable source material. While the camp is quite well stocked for survival in the jungle, their selection of magic scrolls is thin at best. The other magic users with us are all divine and I find they don’t truly understand their magics, and simply channel the power of their gods. If only I could wrangle a meeting with a god…I shutter to think what would happen with their knowledge and my raw brain power.

The Trade District
A ghost of a chance

Golarion date 10 Abadius, 4711AR

While Drasheen was enchanting weapons and Mastuuk was deciphering journals and writing scrolls, the government and free captains expeditions arrived (together) in Savinth-Yhi. The government camp was dangerously near the depression where the angry ghost of Nareem Daress haunted, so Zelshee, Joque, Teyla and Mastuuk went to talk to them. What they found was a military camp filled with soldiers. They met Jask Derindi, an old friend from the Shiv and told him about the ghost, hinting that they might know some details that might put him to rest. Jask wanted them to tell their tale directly to the government expedition leader, Rotilius Havelar. General Havelar was a gruff military man, and didn’t take kindly to Mastuuk’s and Joque’s suggestion of selling their info when it was good peoples lives at risk. Zelshee was more diplomatic and was able to smooth things over and gain a small amount of trust from the General. Havelar asked them to work with Jask in dealing with the ghost and putting him to rest.

Eventually the plan was to write a Pathfinder Chronicle crediting Nareem with the sole discovery of Savinth-Yhi. Mastuuk wrote it, but he had no intention of it ever being submitted. Mastuuk got to work on that. Meanwhile Zelshee and Teyla visited the pirates camp, which was also in the ruins on the outskirts. The pirates were sprawled amongst the buildings, a motley crew lounging about. They talked to Aerys Mavato, another companion from the Shiv and eventually Kassata Lewynn, the pirate captain. Kassata toyed with Zelshee, making a show for her men, but they left without incident (other than Zelshee almost falling on her face when a pirate tried to trip her while leaving). As they left Aery caught up to them and asked a favor. Aerys was still working to complete her epic poem, the “Abendego Cantos,” but her trip to Saventh-Yhi proved to be a huge distraction. She began a new saga—the “Song of Saventh- Yhi” not long after arriving in the city, and asked them to find six different secrets of the city for her by studying the ancient wall carvings.

The next day they took the fake manuscript to the haunted depression. Joque went down to the cenotes and buildings while the others stood at the edge with the manuscript. Soon enough the phantom ants and angry ghost appeared and attacked Joque. Joque ran, but not fast enough. The others ran to his aid, but Joque fell at their feet as the ghost struck him down. Zelshee presented the manuscript, and the ghost reached out a phantom hand and sighed “Finally! Yes…..” as he disappeared to the great beyond.

Jask helped heal Joque, then asked a favor of them. Jask had long studied the history of Nethys,
and those legends all agree that he came into being in the earliest days of the ancient Osirion empire. Yet some texts he’s studied imply that Nethys may have replaced an even older Azlanti god of magic. Jask was curious to find out if there’s any evidence of such a now-forgotten god of magic hidden somewhere in the ruins.

Continuing their exploration of the city, they returned to the trade district south of their camp. They took a closer look at the bone covered island, and noticed the grasses and weeds had been smashed down by something large walking across them. Mastuuk transformed into an eagle and flew around the island at a distance and spotted a depression on the far side with an overhang. He thought he saw something large just in the water under the overhang, but did not dare get any closer. He returned to the group, and they decided to leave it be for now and explored the rest of the trade district. By the end of the day they had determined this district was wild and abandoned, there were lots of signs of creatures (bones, spoor, old nests) but was otherwise largely abandoned. There were 3 places of interest other than the bone island: The old vault where no vines grew, the underground cave at the collapsed portion of the ziggurat sinkhole, and the fortress on the island across the water.

Investigating the old vault, they found 3 stories of rooms above ground and downstairs a circular room surrounded by what appeared to have been secure vaults. The room was covered in blast marks, some of which were humanoid in shape. The rusted doors standing open or fallen on the floor. The room was silent. They crept in an were surprised by 3 shadowy forms that rose from the floor and attacked. Zelshee stood toe to toe with the largest one, two others flanked Drasheen by the stairs up. The shadows icy cold touch sapped the very strength from their bones, and Zelshee collapsed under the weight of her armor and gear as Drasheens prayers forced the undead back for a short time. Soon enough the undead horrors returned, this time Teyla collapsed from the weakness brought on by their touch, but the combined positive energies from Drasheen and Zelshee finally defeated the horrors.

Exploring the old vaults a little more, they quickly realized the whole place had been looted long ago. The blast marks appeared to have been traps that had once protected the valuables stored here, but there was nothing left for them. They returned to camp and recuperated from their adventure in the vault.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

We are accumulating quite a set of debts:

We owe the Mantis their Mantis Blade.

We owe Gelik Aberwhinge info on past expeditions to Savinth-Yhi. Although we already handed over info on the Pathfinder expedition led by the ghost, Nareem Daress, we found in the depression by the three ponds.

We owe Ishirou a safe place to land if he needs it.

We owe Aerys Mavato six different secrets of the city for for her new epic saga, “The Song of Saventh-Yhi” by studying the ancient wall carvings.

We/I owe Jask Derindi a favor. He has long studied the history of Nethys,
and those legends all agree that he came into being in the earliest days of the ancient Osirion empire. Yet some texts he’s studied imply that Nethys may have replaced an even older Azlanti god of magic. Jask is curious to find out if there’s any evidence of such a now-forgotten god of magic hidden somewhere in the ruins.

And of course we owe Ieana/Yarzoth a beheading.

How did we get this far into debt? I just want to pay the last debt and get the hell out of here alive. If I wasn’t afraid of ghosts before I got here I sure as hell am now. It doesn’t appear that blessed armor slows them down any more that a piece of drift wood would slow down a sword and, again, I have felt the clutch of icy fingers closing around my heart.

Got to get in back and stay in back, Jocque, or you are going to die here.

Note from Zelshee Venso

I must admit, I’m enjoying the adventure Mastuuk has drug me on. Oh yes, it’s scary! But very exciting, too. We actually were able to give Nareem rest after hundreds of years. Never again will he haunt and kill. He is at rest. Probably, not at peace. But at least he is not able to do evil in this world ever again!
The government and the free captains, and the pirates have all arrived and joined the party. Interestingly, they all want something from us. Which makes me happy. They must all think we are the strongest group and have the ability to deliver. Of course we are, and we can.
Although, I didn’t feel very strong after are little escapade into the vault! I certainly hope Mastuuk is keeping a record of all the different undead we’ve run across! They are all so different and take something different to defeat. These last things were shadows. But, there was one VERY BIG shadow. It must have been bound to the vault, in fact, the very room that we discovered them in. Probably all the cursed souls of the people who died trying to rob the vault.
Again, justice! Never again will they harm another living soul.
What to do about the island? That thought nags at me. I don’t swim. There is a monster on that island that does. What to do?
The zigarot. Probably more ghosts. Which really should scare me. But, that island scare me more. Or should I say the swimming monster scare me more. It’s one thing to die in battle while dealing justice to an evil foe. It quite another to die while sinking to the bottom of lake. I guess I’ll be the bait that stays on the shore.

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

As I pray and meditate my main concern is enhansing armor and weaopons and praying for lessor restorations.
I am mindboggoled by the turns of events. Doing favors and giving favors to the other groups who may just as soon kill us as keep their word. But my soul and the souls of my friends is all I care about. I could feel myself being pulled into the dark side as Joque starting telling the Captain of the dangers concerning the shadow captain and how he killed his crew. I wanted them to find out for themselves and if they should die. oh well! And not how we thought we could work together on getting the evil shadow capt. back to the world he needs to be in. The evil in this place is rubbing off on me. The evil its everywhere when we came into circular room and the 3 icy shodow forms began taking all our strength and my friends started falling I didn’t know whether to fight, dimiss, heal or slash… That was a close one and I didn’t like seeing my friends so hurt. I will try to turn my mind off and sleep so I will be able to pray well in the morning.

From the journal of Mastuuk Venso

10 Abadius 4711AR
I’m not sure how to feel about the military camp. General Havelar is not to be trusted anymore than the cut throats and assassins; he will always choose the safety of his men over any trust or loyalty we obtain from him. At least he can be predicted. Jask, on the other hand, still owes a debt to our group and I think he is less frightened of his employer than out other shiv-mates. He may prove to be a useful aly so we should play nicely with the military and the general for now. Fortunately my sister is much better at being cordial than I am and smoothed over a few wrinkles.

Aerys, I’m not sure what to make of her. When we knew her she was a barely functional drunk. Now that she’s stabilized she seems more interested in her poetry than in the pirates she associates with and that could be a boon. However, we still know little about her so she could end up being the most dangerous of all.

We’ve also managed to free the soul of our departed half orc brother. While I don’t intend to give him full credit for my grand discovery his purserverence deserves some note or preface. His name will live on in Pathfinder history even if it’s not quite as he had hoped. His release was far easier than that of the shadows whose icy touch gave Zelshee some idea of how I live my life. Note to self, locate a handy haversack in case this happens again.

I feel we’ve nearly cleared this section of the city. There is a great beast in the water which we will have to deal with somehow but at least we can plan that encounter so that it goes in our favor. I’m not so sure about the building on that small island. And the ziggurat has some danger beneath it in that sinkhole, I’m sure of it. I think we should tackle the ziggurat first, I’m tired of islands right now.


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