Shaman of Shimye-Magalla


Though he is still agile and muscular of form, Nkechi’s face and knuckles bear fine creases that show his age. Wind and sea salt have turned his dark skin rough and ashen, and his palms and soles are caked with white chalk from climbing the cliff face. He has long, graying dreadlocks and a scraggly beard, and dresses in nothing but a loincloth. He is prejudiced against non-Mwangis and degradingly refers to any obvious northerners as “Pale Ones.”


Nkechi is a respected spiritual leader of the Mwangi tribesmen. He is a Bonuwat, the sea going peoples of the Mwangi Expanse, who worships Shimye-Magalla a god of the sea. Northern religious types see Shimye-Magalla as an amalgam of Desna (goddess of the moon and travel) and Gozreh (god of sea and nature and storms).

Nkechi lives high up a cliff in some sea caves facing Desperation Bay.


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