Jask Derindi

Male Human (Garundi)


Jask is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with hair starting to gray and watery eyes. Jask is a cleric.

Jask claims he is innocent of the charges leveled by Drasheen. He claims he found evidence of a smuggling conspiracy within the customs office and when he took the evidence to his superior a few days later he was framed as the guilty party. So he fled and lived in Corentyn until Drasheen dragged him onto a boat for Eleder.

Ledgers found on the wreck of the Brine Demon on Smugglers Shiv clearly implicates Jask’s supervisor Lerad Est in being involved in the smuggling operations. These ledgers should clear Jask’s name and prove his innocence.

Prisoner being transported on the Jenivere


Jask Derindi

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