Serpent's Skull

To Kalabuto

Dragons, vultures, and undead oh my!

Golarion Date 8 Neth 4710AR

Pressing on towards Kalabuto, the party dealt with a wandering dinosaur in the night (it passed them by) and a flock of hungry vultures (including two giant ones that didn’t have the patience to wait for them to die and tried to help them along).

As they approached Kalabuto, they came across a gallows tree left by some hostile Mzali raiders. The dead tree was filled with colonial corpses hanging by the neck with more fallen to the ground below. Zelshee was lured to the tree by a female voice calling for help that ended up being an undead beast called a Tuyewera that stalks the night and eats the tongues of it’s victims. The Tuyewera used the stolen voice of one of the victims on the gallows tree to lure Zelshee close where it tried to steal her breath, nearly suffocating her. Zelshee resisted, but a dangerous battle ensued as the corpses around the tree stirred to life and thousands of Mwangi Botflies swarmed from the mouths of the corpses and tried to devour the adventurers. By flame, hammer, axe, and sword they defeated the monsters at the gallows tree and survived to approach the city of Kalabuto.

Entering Kalabuto the group was approached by a 10 year old native girl named Kibi. Kibi offered her services as a guide in the city and sold them some small carved wooden charms to ward off evil spirits. They asked Kibi to take them to the Shrunken Head Tavern. On the way along the boardwalk by the river Joque spotted a large boat flying the colors of Kassata Lewynn tied up to a pier. It appeared the boat was tied up for a long stay, and was mostly empty. Apparently at least the pirate faction was ahead of them!

Making it to the Shrunken Head tavern, they found their contact Cheiton, but Kibi disappeared before they could introduce her. They chatted about their journey while Cheiton bought them food and drinks, then Cheiton suggested they retire to his home to discuss detailed planning “away from prying ears.” Cheiton led them to his small 4 bedroom house not far from the tavern where they began discussing what they needed to resupply in town…

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I’ve seen my share of sea monsters and heard of many another encounter with them but there was always that separation between sea and air. They might try to crawl aboard but they were always going to finally have to return to the deep. When I finally realized that I had walked to within a few feet of a 40 foot long lizard in the brush I think the thing that got me the most was the realization that there was nothing between us but dirt! I almost backed up into the camp fire. I guess it was afraid of the light or something. It prowed around the camp a little then went off in the night. Teyla said it was a dinosaur. I sure hope we don’t run into any more of those things. I think I will try to get the others to buy some alchemist’s fire to take along after we leave Kalabuto.

Kalabuto, what a place! Everything seems to be built on the ruins of some ancient city below the current Kalabuto. The upper edges and infrastructure of the ruins are everywhere to be seen. And the whole town is like a shoreside tavern. Everywhere you look there are strange kinds of men and animals. Everyone, including this Cheiton and even the little ones like this Kibi girl are working the fringes. Best keep your purses tight in a place like this. I wonder what traps Kasatta and the Mantis have laid for us here. Kibi might be one of them, come to think of it, and I bet there are others. As soon as we get a place to stay we had better be on our toes. If I was Kassata I’d make sure that an outraged parent would show up in the next day or so telling everyone that one of us has raped their daughter or stolen their pet pig….or some other crap to tie us up or get us killed. And the Mantis…I wouldn’t put it past them to introduce a snake or scorpion or spider into a room or two….probably Teyla’s to cripple us or Drasheen’s to weaken our defenses or both.

Geeze! I knew there was a good reason not to keep a log of my thoughts. All I do is creep myself out and ruin my sleep. I need a drink! But I better not have a second! Geeze!!! I was looking forward to sleeping in a bed again and getting out of the jungle for a while now I feel less safe than when we were sleeping around a camp fire together. I really need that drink and some bug repellant!!!!!

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

8 Neth 4710AR

We have arrived at Kalabuto and located our Dwarf contact whose has put us up for the night. It seems the Mzali have been busy in the area defiling the locals and the region. This could be a bit of a problem, hopefully we won’t run into them again but I suspect we likely will. I’ll need to prepare some necromatic spells just in case. I wonder if there are any proper wizards in this city?

In addition to Cheiton, we’ve also employed a local girl, Kibi. My plan is to send her on errands to distract any onlookers from our real activities in the city. We’re relaxing a bit after the long journey but soon we will talk with Cheiton about the next stage of our journey.

The pirate faction has been through the city as well, and quite some time ago based on the condition of their ship. I’m unsure if other factions have moved through town but we should gather some intelligence while we are here. I’m also debating our departure date; should we wait for our caravan so we can speak with them or should we start moving out as soon as possible. Perhaps the Dwarf will have some advice.

From the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

We finally met our contact in Kalabutu. He is dwarf named Cheiton. We are actually going to sleep in a bed tonight and I am looking forward to it. As I pray tonight I thanks the stars for our survival one more time. I never saw a gallows tree! And it was turely a tree of death. Seeing all those dead corps coming to life to try and kill us was soooo creepy. The night mares I will have forever over this journey…! I must trry to sleep and pray and pray.

Notes by Zelshee Venso

Hideous-er and Hideous-er!! Is that even a word? I don’t care! It describes, perfectly, the monsters we’ve encountered on this journey! I always thought dinosaurs were just a myth. Just something to tell the young ones when they needed a good scare. But no, one was stalking us. And normal vultures circling overhead is bad enough – BUT GIANT ONES?! And giant ones that decided to help speed up our demise?! Just wrong.
But the worse thing of all – an undead creature with a tongue 2 feet long! It almost had me. So close to death yet again. But, we prevailed.
On to Kalabutu….



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