Serpent's Skull

The Gray

Fun with fungus and lost friends

Golarion date 19 Arodus 4710AR

After the prior night’s crab feast and a miserable rainy night the large group continued west along the beach lugging all of the supplies. They came across a gargantuan crab lying on the beach which started waving around it’s massive claws and shrieking horribly. Ludwig closed with the crab only to realize it was being manipulated by someone from inside. Eventually they made contact with the resident of the crab, Pezock a crazed tengu castaway.

After a brief tense standoff (Pezock wasn’t happy with his home being invaded), Zelshee and Ludwig managed to convince Pezock that they were friendly. Pezock invited them all inside his cozy crab shell home and fixed them lunch, a horrible tasting concoction he called “This or That Stew.” They chatted with Pezock for a while finding out that he was the sole survivor from the Crow’s Tooth, a Red Mantis ship out of Mediogalti. Pezock asked them if they were with the other two he had recently seen on the island, a man and a woman traveling southwest. When asked, Pezock indicated that he agreed the woman seemed to be in charge. It was assumed this pair was none other than Ieana and Alizandru Kovack.

Leaving Pezock’s crab, the group traveled the rest of the way along the beach of the bay and set up camp on the northwest corner of the Shiv. They had some difficulty setting up a good camp that night, and had a fitful night. The following morning they left the others at the camp and crossed the causeways to the gray island. They found the gray island was overrun with fungus, strange gray quivering stalks and undergrowth of lichens. Exploring the island they were attacked by two small plant men with spears. After defeating the plant pygmy ambush, Ludwig tracked the pygmy’s back to their home, the wreck of the Nightvoice, a massive ship wrecked on the seaward side of the gray island. While exploring the ship they fought the pygmy boss and two more of the little plant men, found the captain’s log that was badly damaged by mold growth, and looted a shrine the pygmies has set up to worship the skeletal remains of the ship’s crew.

Leaving the ship they tracked the pygmies most traveled route through the fungus which led them to a strange cave on a pinnacle of rock off the eastern shore. There were offerings of polished stones, bones, and brightly colored sea shells on the ledge in front of the cave. The cave mouth was filled with tendrils of fungus. Inside they found a quivering pile of purplish fungus that animated and attacked them with deadly tendrils that rotted flesh and bone instantly. Defeating the “fungus god” the found the skeletal remains of a person inside with bits of purple fabric and brass buttons. Leaving the cave, they found more dead pygmies which seemed to have just dropped dead on their tracks and could notice the fungus on the island seemed somehow more unhealthy.

Returning to camp the group found it empty and ransacked, their friends gone. They noticed small individual tracks leading down the beach and into the jungle, following they found Gelik Aberwhinge hiding and afraid. Gelik told them that the camp had been raided by a large party of cannibals and he just managed to escape. The cannibals carried off the other four castaways and all the groups gear and supplies. They decided they needed to rescue the others before they became a meal for the cannibals, so they tracked the party into the jungle throughout the night.

The trail of the raiding party led down the west coast of the shiv, eventually coming to a spot where a trail emerged from the jungle at a 50 foot cliff with several knotted rope vines leading down to an unusually calm section of the sea. The trail of the cannibals seemed to follow the trail, so down the trail it was. Sometime after midnight, the group stumbled into a spider swarm on the trail, unusually heroic action from Mastuuk Venso, his robes aflame, dispersed the swarm and saved the others.

Sometime after dawn the trail crossed a river and on the other side Ludwig was caught in a snare. After freeing Ludwig from the trap, they took stock of their situation. The group was exhausted from marching all night, had no food and was low on spells, and they had four friends in the clutches of hungry cannibals. Things looked bleak.

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

19 Arodus, 4710 AR

Pezock, that somewhat obnoxious tengu with no cooking skills, did prove to be somewhat useful. He saw our former captain and his companion headed southwest. As much as I would prefer to not meet him again, I wonder if we should return when we finally find a way off this island. I’d rather not force anyone to endure more time on this island than necessary. Later in the week we ventured to the gray island covered in fungus. It turns out an intelligent fungus had taken over the island creating a number of small humanoids who worshiped it like a god. Fascinating! I will definitely be documenting this for the society.

After clearing the island of the infection and returning to camp we found most of our companions gone along with all of our supplies. Gelik was hiding nearby and told us a group of cannibals raided the camp a few hours previous to our return. We immediately headed out to find the party. Sometimes I don’t understand why travelling at night is so difficult for everyone else before I remember that my sister and I are the only ones unaffected by the dark. At this point a swarm of spiders overran the group and began poisoning the fighters. It would be a disastrous encounter with the cannibals if all our muscle was retching in jungle. I had to take a more active roll and could no longer simply provide a strong foundation for the group’s battle prowess. A number of oil flasks were thrown into the swarm and I rushed in to ignite the oil. In the process, a less than accurate throw from one of my companions soaked my robes. Knowing my sister would assist, I ignited the oil, saved the day, and experienced a rather unusual amount of pain. Zelshee immediately healed many of my wounds and gave me a stern look. I hope this doesn’t set too much of a precedent as I’d rather not remain the primary actor in our troop.

The Words of Ludwig Von Vigh

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………………hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………hahahahahahahahahaha. Flaming Wizard…….. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Effective, crazy and funny to see flaming Mastuuk demolishing a swarm of spiders. I really did not mean to add to the effect, launching oil onto the wizard, I suppose even without intent, karma must have intervened. Marching through the night, pushing the pace to find the rest of our troope and save them from roasting slowly to be eaten, really created a stressful situation. But, having time to write my words, reflecting…………If I were in a tavern, I would pay for that kind of flaming wizard entertainment!

Aside from the frantic pace and determination to save the others, it was an eventful day! Finding a shipwreck survivor that has been here for a quite some duration, lends me to believe that the clock is not ticking on our survival. We will just have to make due until we avail ourselves of the means from this island. In the meantime, the gray island was of great interest. I wanted to know what could consume a jungle environment on such a scale. Our own situation aside, this was a curiousity that my growing interest in nature could not ignore. To our discovery, it was not natural, but some form of demonic fungus god and this blight was an extension of it. Defeated, the blight appears to be receding. The discovery of a ship and the accumulation of gear fares well for us, should we end up like Pezock, making an extended stay. I am also hoping that a gray island turning green once again, may gather the curious investigation of some maritime activity with people that notice the change. It could in the long run lead to our transport from here.

Those are my words, time to introduce the cannibals to my blade.

The journal of Teyla Gunler

I have not had very much free time to write. When we are not taking down or putting up camp, then we are exploring parts of the island. And in the evening, if it is not time for my part of the watch then I need to be sleeping. It is so easy to contract diseases out here that any rest I can get, I take.

It has been an eventful couple of days. I went exploring with Jocque Tarr one day, found a treasure chest with the group, watched two team members attack each other on another day (I chose not to take a side), met a real live being who is surviving on this island, survived two rounds of the pulsing puffs, helped a “grey” island go from fungified to being green again and was snagged in two snares (the same one, two different times)…I really need to pay more attention!

I have been really grateful to Gelik who has been watching my lockbox when a group of us leaves the camp. It is wonderful having my hands free to fight when needed. He seems trustworthy and I find myself setting my bedroll somewhat near him…his interesting stories help me relax enough to fall asleep.

But the worst thing has happened, we returned to camp after our last adventure to find all of our stuff taken INCLUDING MY LOCKBOX and our fellow shipmates gone (taken by the cannibals, Gelik said who was able to escape and hide in the jungle, thank goodness!). We are tired and most of the spells have been used for the day, but we must find the rest of our people before they are eaten. We must march on and fight this battle.

Notes by Zelshee

A lone survivor here on the island! And in mostly good condition, although I think a little crazy – to be expected! But I think meeting him helped bring the morale up a bit.

That crazy Ludwig just HAD to go across to the grey island. And Teyla, agreeing to march right over there too. God knows what we could have encountered! But as it turned out, we were saviors to the island. Whatever that thing was, it was defiantly not suppose to be there. It’s dead, we killed it AND we saved the island! Kudos to Ludwig and Teyla for dragging our asses over there!!!

Now to save the rest of the party from those damned cannibals! No time to waste. No time to rest! They’re going to be breakfast if we don’t save them quick. I hope the gods are smiling on us – at least today!

Oh yea ~ Other dangers to add to the list – Spider Swarms! AND Mastuuk on fire. But we should be able to keep that to a minimum (I hope)!



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