Serpent's Skull

The Big City

Secrets Revealed, maybe a little too much...

Golarion date: 13 Rova, 4710AR

Teyla Gunler did not want to throw her box of feyleaf over the side of the ship. She said she had a reputation to protect and she was paid well to see the box through by the Aspis Consortium. She was supposed to deliver it to a man in a green cap and brown cloak who would meet the Jenivere at the dock. She wasn’t happy that it was drugs, but wasn’t willing to destroy her rep although she had no idea how she was going to get it through customs since it was unlikely she would find her contact now that she was a month late. Ishirou heard her mention the Aspis Consortium and told her he had connections with that merchant group and could possibly help her make contact once they got into the city. None of the others wanted anything to do with smuggling the illegal drugs into the city, but Mastuuk Venso offered to cast an invisibility spell for them. The plan was for Teyla to carry the box while invisible and Ishirou would clear a path through the crowds for her to follow and she could sneak through customs while Ishirou was clearing himself.

The Red Gull sailed through the walls blocking the harbor and into the extensive bay riddled with stone docks and ships of various sizes and nationalities. It was Signing Day when they arrived, and the holiday festivities were in full swing as the city of Eleder sprawled before them. Teyla and Ishirou left the ship first with the spell from Mastuuk. Aerys Mavato personally thanked each of the others for helping her get off the Shiv as she made her leave. Sasha Neva sauntered off the ship with a big grin on her face and her quickly growing dimorphodon flying behind her. Gelik Aberwhinge said his goodbyes, made plans for dinner the next day at the Pathfinder lodge with Mastuuk, and took off. Jask Derindi stayed with the group who promised to keep him safe and hide him until his legal situation could be worked out. They offered to let Pezock stay with them until he figured out what he was going to do. The seven of them hired some porters for their gear and cleared customs. Drasheen headed for home to visit with her parents and talk with her dad about Jask’s situation. Zelshee Venso and Juan Sevette immediately headed for the temple of Aroden to see if they could remove Juan’s curse. Mastuuk, Jask, and Pezock went to a place called the Sargava Club at the recommendation of the porters.

Over the next week or so Mastuuk met with Finze Bellaugh, the Delver Captain of the small local chapter house of the Pathfinder Society. Mastuuk was delighted to find that Finze was an accomplished mage and negotiated learning some spells from him in exchange for all the info on the interesting finds on the Shiv. Over the next week or so, Mastuuk used the Colonial Archives library to research Yarzoth’s notes while Zelshee and Drasheen negotiated with Drasheen’s father, Cayler Rettig, over the scandal involving Jask. Though there were some tense moments between the hard liner Zelshee and the more practical poliitical minded Cayler, he finally agreed to push the case against his boss Lerad Est which they hoped would clear Jasks name. However, Jask had to turn himself in and go through the due process of the courts.

Juan spent lots of gold at the temple of Aroden where the high priest tried three times to remove the curse that warped Juan’s body into a parody of a bat, but the ancient curse was too strong and it could not be removed. Juan was distraught and was pitifully haunting the docks looking for any powerful clerics who might be on one of the incoming ships when he ran into Kassata Lewynn, an old acquaintance from his days on board a pirate ship. They had a roaring good time as Juan drowned his sorrows in drink.

After more than a week of research, Mastuuk was finally able to piece together the puzzle of what Yarzoth was looking for on the Shiv. The temple of Zura was built by a splinter cult of vampiric Azlanti who had been exiled from a city called Savinth-Yhi during the height of Azlanti civilization. They had been exiled because of their evil ways, but plotted a return to Savinth-Yhi as conquerors. Savinth-Yhi literally translated as “grave of Savinth”. Savinth was the Azlanti hero who had decapitated Ydersius, the god the Serpent Folk, an event which marked the turning point of the war between the Azlanti and their former masters the Serpent Folk. Savinth-Yhi was a legendary lost city and Mastuuk now had proof it lay hidden somewhere here in Garund, though protected by powerful Azlanti magics which kept it hidden. The notes taken from the walls of the temple of Zura indicated that there was an Azlanti outpost called Tazion which contained a map which would lead one to Savinth-Yhi. Correlating Tazion with some known ruins in the Screaming Jungle and Mastuuk realized he may have found the key to the lost city of Savinth-Yhi. He as ecstatic as this was the find of the century and would cement his place in the Pathfinder Society if he could follow through and make the discovery. He immediately went to Finze Bellaugh who offered to sponsor an expedition to discover Savinth-Yhi.

However, over the next couple of days word of the discovery quickly spread, either through good old fashioned espionage activities or loose lipped librarians who had been aiding Mastuuk in his research at the colonial archives. The group was approached by four other organizations who desired to sponsor the group’s expedition to Savinth-Yhi:

  • Ishirou came representing the Aspis Consortium. The Consortium wanted the profits that would come from selling artifacts, and offered the group a sizeable cut of the profits. They also offered up front a selection of potions and scrolls, and possibly a powerful scroll to remove Juan’s curse.
  • Kassata Lewin and Aerys Mavato approached them representing the Shackles Pirates. Kassata was looking for pure profit to fund her political aspirations within pirates organization and offered cold hard cash as an up front incentive.
  • Sasha approached them on behalf of the Red Mantis Assassins and said there were legends of an ancient sword holy to their mantis god hidden in Savinth-Yhi. They wanted the sword and offered a selection of poisons and anti-toxin as an up front reward.
  • Cayler Rettig spoke to Drasheen about a proposal from the government of Sargava. Baron Utilinius wanted to expand Sargava’s influence into Savinth-Yhi and gain profit from it to help pay the debts to the pirates. The Baron offered plots of land and noble titles to the group once Savinth-Yhi was found and claimed by Sargava.

From the Journal of Jocque Tarr

I am astounded! I have been away from Kassata for more than a year and turned into a half bat creature and she still recognized me down on the wharf. What is even worse and even more unbelievable is that I have been living under an assumed name and building a rep as Juan Sevette the Rigger for even longer and Sasha walks up the other day and calls me Jocque!!!!!!

I have advised my group of fellow castaways that we should avoid dealing with either the pirates or the Mantis at all costs. I know them. As soon as we uncovered anything of value we would be headless bodies in some pit some place. But in giving that advice I had to tell my fellow survivors that I had been lying to them about my name and to some extent about my background. They probably trust my word now about as far as they could carry the Jennivere.

My best bet would be to slip away and ship out quickly before this thing goes any further but who would have a creature as pitiful as I have become aboard ship and how long would I last before a crew memeber slit my throat or tossed me over the side or both? I am trapped and no matter how we dicide to proceed from this point onward the price on my head is only going to go up. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody doesn’t drop a word here or there and I wind up being thrown into a cell waiting a noose because of my days with the Free Ships. That could happen before I get out of town or when I get back or some enterpizing young Mantis wannabe might kill me here.

If, somehow, one of these groups finds a way to remove this curse from me I will be in their debt but torn between running to sea or taking my chances with this strange group of land lubbers — whereever it is that they seem to be wanting to go. The one extra stone on the scale for staying with them is that I may get another chance to slit that snake woman’s throat for what she did to the skipper and crew of the Jennivere. I guess that might make it worth chancing the Screaming Jungle even knowing that a knife or noose waits for me afterward.

I can’t sleep well because of the constant pain in my limbs and no matter how much of Briga’s fish stew I slug down I can’t seem to stem the growling hunger in my guts. I can find no woman who will have me and little children burst into tears when they look at me. It might be better for me if Sasha or one of her friends offs me before some jungle animal or plant devours me.

If I am to stay this way and go with my strange traveling companions to the jungle I have only one recompense and that is that I will probably disagree with whatever eats me! Harrrrr! (Damn, it even hurts to laugh.)

Form the Journal of Drasheen Rettig

My head is spining everything is happening so fast. The meeting with my father went very well but poor Jask was not as confident as I was in my father’s fair and just intentions. The more Jask thought about it he knew what he had to do and that was to turn himslf in. Well to my surprise in a very short while the crimes Jask was charged with were now being charged against Mr. Est my father’s boss. Jask is not totally cleared but it all looked very well for him. I hope I have’nt let him down.
Then my father had a very interesting offer to make us about sponsoring our expedition to discover Savinth-Yhi. I hope the group can be convinced that helping my country Eledor and my Father would be the very best offer possible. The fame and places of honor we would hold along with our own land, homes and money not to mention all the good it would do for Eledor.

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

13 Rova, 4710 AR

I knew may day would finally come! I can now show the world my greatness. I have found the way to Savinth-Yhi. I am assured that such a great discovery would easily ensure my full entry into the Society if not a greater position. There is one problem however, I’ve promised the expedition to the local Society chapter and they have been such help with the research that it is only fair I follow through. Four other groups have expressed an interest in funding the expedition, some of which one should not say no to.

I may be able to deal with the Red Mantis. They simply want a single artifact if it is found. I believe that would be a fair trade to keep them off our backs. The local government also wants to back us as they would like to extend their influence to Savinth-Yhi and use the proceeds to pay off the pirates. The first part should be amenable to the Society but selling the artifacts before properly studying them would not go so well.

A friend of Juan (or whatever his real name is) wants the power she can obtain from selling the artifacts as does the Aspis Consortium. Powerful enemies to have and they can’t all be satisfied.

I lean towards my original plan to go with the Society and attempt to make a deal with the Mantis. I have not discussed this with the rest of our group.

I plan to enjoy my success for a few more hours before the inevitable discussion. I also felt that I should get my personal thoughts down since I have not made a journal entry since we left the Shiv.



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