Serpent's Skull

The adventure begins

Wreck of the Jenivere

Golarion date: 10 Arodus, 4710 AR

The PCs awake to find themselves sickened and lying unconscious on a tropical beach. Three small eurypterids (or sea scorpions) had hoped to make an easy snack of the morsels on the beach, but the PCs awoke in time to defend themselves and the other 5 castaways. Everyone was feeling sickened and some of their gear was placed in a neat pile on the beach. Footprints and drag marks in the sand, the regular placement of the unconscious passengers on the beach, as well as the fact that the castaways were not water logged indicated that someone probably had dropped them there. Nobody remembered anything after dinner on the ship the previous night. After that, there’s nothing but a confusing jumble of images, remembered as if in a dream-feelings of nausea, panic, fear, and drowning.

A quick check of their surroundings told them they were probably on Smugglers Shiv, a dangerous island in Desperation Bay. The wreck of the Jenivere could be seen washed up against a rocky cliff face on the northern arm of the lagoon, her bow section missing.

The PCs waited for low tide and made their way to the remains of the Jenivere and explored the wreck. They found the remains of the ships landing boat tied to the wreckage, it appeared to had been shattered by the repeated action of the waves crashing it against the rocks. After defeating a larger sea scorpion scratching at the door of the a lower deck storage room, Teyla Gunler and Ludwig Von Vigh found the body of Alton Devers in the lower deck storeroom. His body showed rapier wounds, but he died from poisoning by sea scorpion stings.

In the captains cabin Juan Svette found the Captains Log, several charts including a map of Smugglers Shiv, a satchel of potions, a coffer of gold coins, and a footlocker containing the gear of the prisoner Jask Derindi.

In the ships larder they found the body of the ships cook stuffed in an empty bin, like someone had tried to hide it. The body showed evidence of bite wounds from a large serpent.

Returning to the beach with supplies from the ship, the group determined they needed to reach the lighthouse on the southwest shore and set out into the jungle late in the afternoon. In a pouring rain they were ambushed by three cannibals. The cannibals wielded old rusty scimitars and appeared to be Chelish, though savage in nature.

They reached the shore of the large northern bay of the Shiv and in the light of the setting sun saw the strange gray island that made up the northwest part of the Shiv.

That night Teyla Gunler began to feel ill. Those standing night watch saw a strange green glow from the surf of the bay, and possibly things moving around. Zelshee Venso heard the beating of leathery wings somewhere in the night sky after midnight, something large was flying around up there. Juan had a disturbing dream that night, probably the recollections of his subconscious of the events of the previous night that were lost to conscious thought. The next morning they spied several colorful flying lizards over the bay who investigated the groups camp then went diving for fish in the bay.

The Journal of Juan Sevette

Juan Sevette is no newcomer to intrigue. During the morning on the beach on the bay he started putting his “dream” together with what he had gleaned from the Captain’s log. It was still a jumble of impressions. But that morning the big guy, Ludwig, asked a question that made it all come together — at least most of it. The Ulfen had asked, “What do you think happened to bring us here?” Juan spoke up and told them that he thought they had been poisoned or drugged with something in the soup they had all been eating. He told them about the strange entries in the Captain’s log and about how he and the rest of the crew had been surprised when the Capatain ordered their last course change… a change that would bring them close aboard the Shiv. The last entry in the log…“something might have to be done about the crew” … combined with his dream and the way they had found the cook’s body hidden in one of the bins in the storeroom …. told Juan that the Captain had taken the steps he had outlined to bring his dream girl to the island, even if it meant wrecking the Jenivere and likely killing all of her crew. It still didn’t explain how or why the current party had been spared but it meant that somewhere here on the island there was probably still a murderous Captain and the “scholar” Ilenea who probably wanted nothing more than to finish the job.

And Juan has his own problem. That exotic woman, Sasha, has an all too familiar tattoo on her back. And it isn’t the kind one uses to surreptitiously identify yourself. She is not a student. She is a teacher. And she seems to be looking his way just a little too often. Maybe she is just playing him like an ace in the hole during whatever game has started on this deadly island, but maybe it is something else… he hopes it’s the ace thing and reason says that is the most likely thing. Why and how would she know? And why would she care?

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

10 Arodus, 4710 AR

Where do I begin? We were a couple of weeks out of Blood Cove, a day like any other. Most of the passengers were eating dinner together as we usually did. There was nothing extraordinary about the meal, something with dried fish I believe. That was the last thing any of us remembered until the sound of the ocean, I assume it was the next day. We awoke on a beach on Smugglers Shiv. There were only a few of us but we had been carefully dragged onto the beach along with some of our possessions. Most of my items were there but Zelshee was missing her prized axe and most of our woodland gear. She managed to recover most of it on the wrecked remains of our former ship along with a couple of dead bodies I’m told. It seams the captain has gone quite insane and feels he’s in love with another one of the passengers. They may have deposited us on this unforgiving island.

Lucky I remembered an entry in a book on the histories of the Chelaxian colonies. Chelax had attempted a settlement on this island but didn’t get much further than a lighthouse before they were driven off by ghosts or some such nonsense. The information came from the log entry of a pirate who saw fit to store some of his ill begotten valuables here. Perhaps he left a boat or some provisions we can use to get off this island. My other hope is that the lighthouse is intact and we can activate it and alert a nearby vessel who might rescue us.

I’ve wasted much of my spell power on a foolish detect magic I used to identify some potions (4 cure light wounds, 3 lesser restoration, a water breathing, and 3 more I was unable to identify). As this isn’t my specialty I do wish we had some other casters with us. I must remember to locate a wand of detect magic as soon as we are back in civilized lands.

The Journal of Ludwig Von Vigh

Eclipse was my first thought and third thought. The 2nd brief thought was about the creatures the other passengers dispatched quite quickly. I was in such a rush to secure Eclipses’ safety I really did not put much effort into analyzing the nice neat way in which we were arranged on the beach, or much effort into relating with other crew. However, in the course of getting to calm the cat, Teyla and I worked quite well together dispatching a sea scorpion. I was hesitant but asked her to watch my back while I calmed Eclipse. Working well with others and figuring out who to trust is going to help get us from this island. I hope that is the beginning of some camaraderie. Juan, I was initially very suspicious of. Alton, being killed with poison stingers, but showing rapier wounds as well…….Juan is carrying a rapier. The Captains log alleviates some of that suspicion, but I am not ready to turn my back to Juan just yet.

The brother and sister may be a little crazy. The sister was almost insistent on trying to kill herself in the surf and the brother helping her try to kill herself by enlarging her! Crazy! I need to get to know them better, there is damn good chance that Crazy gets us out of here alive.

Drasheen is an experienced healer. That is a good sign. Not sure about her prisoner yet.

The rest of the crew is extremely unresponsive to me. I guess I am not very diplomatic; maybe I need to practice my approach? But, the more the merrier in working together on this isle. I will keep trying.

With a minute of down time, having a chance to reflect on the way we were neatly arranged on the beach. Only a few things make sense. We have unknown friends that pulled us to safety. But, it seems more likely that we were delivered. Passed out and prone, we could have easily been killed. So, either we are some kind of sacrifice, some kind of game, or some kind of natures course pushing an unknown event. Definitely need to keep an eye out for clues on this. Understanding the method of delivery may give clue on how to exit this place.

The Journal of Eclipse


The Journal of Teyla Gunler

In the beginning of this new assignment, I was really excited. This current one is…was I guess, really easy…transport what was given me. Simple, I thought. And since the captain of this boat put my assignment under lock and key, I had the freedom to just enjoy the journey on the ship, watching and getting to know fellow passengers. I so enjoy watching people. How could something so easy have gone so wrong?

As soon as I woke up on the beach, I was in near panic, not because some unknown creature was nibbling on my toes but because my lockbox was no where to be seen. Makes sense because it was, as I mentioned, under lock and key in the bottom of the ship but still…I have never messed up an assignment or job of any sort and I am not going to start now. I have a reputation of being good at what I do. I am going to try everything in power to complete my assignment, even if it seems almost impossible right now.

Thankfully, a group of us passengers and crewmate, were able to get to the ship and retrieve our belongings, most importantly my lockbox, but also my amazing breastplate that I love so much. We also retrieved a large black cat who makes me a little nervous, but the owner and I fought off a large sea creature and so maybe that trust will keep that cat from eating me.

There are so many mysteries about why we are on this island. But my brain is a little foggy right now so I am having a hard time processing it all. I am not feeling well and I do not know who I can trust to tell that I am not at my best. I probably should have gotten to know my fellow passengers instead of just watching them. Maybe I can tell Ludwig…he did ask me to watch his back while he calmed his cat after he found him. That takes some trust…I easily could have killed him from behind if I wanted to. I really wish I was feeling better. There are too many unknowns for me to not be at the top of my game.



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