Serpent's Skull


Dead ships and their dead captains

Golarion date 15 Aroudus, 4710

The group set off to explore some of the shipwrecks off the eastern coast of the Shiv. They found the hulks of the Bearded Harpy, the Windwar, the Scallywag, and the Brine Demon. On the Brine Demon they found the skeletal remains of what appeared to be Captain Avret Kinkarian reaching for a lockbox he had pulled from a secret compartment in the captain’s cabin just as he died. In the lockbox they found a finely crafted dagger, a golden locket, and some ledgers. The locket opened to reveal a portrait of an attractive red haired half elf woman and had an engraving “Aeshamarra”.

While camping on the beach near the Brine Demon, just before bedding down the fire grew larger and brighter all on it’s own just before the ghostly form of Captain Kinkarian rose out of the flames moaning “Give it to me! Return my Aeshamarra to me!” Juan about fell over himself trying to scramble away as the ghost reached out towards Teyla (a red haired half elf female) and said “Aeshamarra? Is that you my sweet?” Zelshee and Teyla tried attacking the ghost only to find their weapons passing through his spectral form. Ludwig quickly produced the locket but Mastuuk and Drasheen decided to distract the ghost by attacking it with spells which made the angry spirit furious. Mastuuk knew from his studies that ghosts could not be destroyed permanently unless whatever was keeping them tied to this world was resolved, but he continued attacking the spirit anyways. The ghost of Captain Kinkarian turned on Mastuuk, calling him a “scurvy dog traitor” and “foul mutineer” causing his flesh to wither with every touch. When Mastuuk lay gasping and dying on the ground the Captain turned towards Drasheen, but Ludwig stepped between the angry spirit and the soon to be dead priestess and forcefully presented the open locket to the ghost. Captain Kinkarian paused, reached out to take the locket, whispered “My Aeshamarra…..” and drained away into a puddle of running seawater which quickly turned to a mist dissipating with the evening breeze. The whole jungle seemed to breath a sigh of relief as the golden locket clattered to the ground.

The next day the finished exploring the shipwrecks, only finding a few supplies on the Windwar, then returned to camp. On the way they were attacked by hungry giant centipedes and an unfortunate incident with a color spray spell from Mastuuk that affected both Ludwig and his animal companion Eclipse caused an problem. Ludwig awoke furious that Mastuuk had hit him with his spell (in order to affect one more centipede). When it became obvious the large Ulfen was going to strike the wizard, Mastuuk caused Ludwig to unceremoniously fall on his butt with a grease spell. This made Ludwig even more furious and he sicked Eclipse on the half orc wizard. Zelshee came to her brothers defense by attacking the cat, severely wounding it. Soon after Ludwig called off Eclipse and harsh words were exchanged. Things remained frosty amongst the group from this point…

While walking back towards camp, they spotted two cannibals watching them from the jungle. The cannibals fled when confronted.

Zelshee went over the ledgers she recovered from the Brine Demon with Jask Derindi. Apparently Jask had told Zelshee the Brine Demon was one of the free captain ships involved in the smuggling operations he had uncovered in Eleder (and was then accused of being involved). The ledgers detailed payments of bribes and other incriminating evidence of a number of Sargavan officials, including Cayler Rettig, the customs supervisor whom Jask had told about his suspicions of the smuggling operation and who was currently the boss of Drasheen’s father. Jask claimed this evidence would clear his name and Jask and Zelshee confronted Drahseen with it who admitted she may have been wrong about Jask’s guilt.

They spent the next day hunting and gathering food while Jask treated Teyla for another bout of the pulsing puffs, then decided to set out for the bay again to investigate the large thing Juan had spotted on the beach and the gray island. They followed the trail north, and Teyla was snagged in two snares, embarrassingly enough the SAME snare that had gotten her a few days ago (and was apparently reset by someone). They reached the beach of the bay and traveled west, in the afternoon rain they spotted another giant crab and attacked it to enjoy another crab feast that night.

Journal of Ludwig Von Vigh

I had a conflict with the Wizard today. I saw him from my peripheral vision. He stepped behind me to intentionally place me in his blast. I was very angry at this action. I intended to have words, perhaps one well placed punch would have set the boundary we needed as emerging friends. I guess my look scared him, as opposed to an apology, or words of calming, he elected to cast a 2nd spell directed at me. Greased and on the ground, it barely required prompt of Eclipse to set the boundary I desired. I had no idea if the wizard was lining up spell 3 after that! I had the energy for a healing spell, I was not concerned about the wizards health. The sister of his, perhaps she thinks full out swings with great axes are the equivalent of claws from a small cat. I have no siblings, maybe that is what they do, over react regarding one another.

I waited long enough to exert my independence from family and obligation. I am not sure the Wizard understood the implications of what he did. For my own good that I be the recipient of his magical blast, those were his thoughts. Ludwig, decides what is best for Ludwig. Ludwig has no intention of deciding what is best for Wizard. I will have to find a way to smooth it over. I think they are interpreting walking behind the wizard as aggression. They misunderstand…………………..being in front of the wizard just seems unsafe!

Journal of Zelshee Venso

Ghosts appearing out of the fire! Ghost-like things climbing up from a well and attacking. A Demon stalking us. Giant centipedes and crabs, cannibals, crazed ship captains – the list of dangers just keep getting longer! And now the party is fighting amongst each other? What evil is this that pits us against our companions? Perhaps the Demon is somehow to blame. Oh Mother ~ How I wish I would have listened to you when you said to stay home! Home is just where I want to be right now.
There is always a light in the darkness, no matter how small. And that light just happens to be the journals we discovered aboard the Brine Demon. It might be the info Jask needs to prove his innocence. To seek the justice he deserves!
What new dangers will tomorrow bring? I dare not even imagine….

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

15 Arodus, 4710 AR

I suppose I have to get used to little to no respect. One with such a critical roll as mine is often forced to make difficult decisions and think of the group more than the individuals. When that pirate ghost appeared, I knew it would do no long term good to attack it but I had to anyway so the rest of the party could get their wits together. I believe Juan would have run off with the locket otherwise. Later, we were faced with a number of giant centipedes. They would have quickly surrounded us and poisoned everyone so I had to act fast. I attempted to stun them so we could finish them off. Unfortunately, I had to put the druid in the path of my spell. He claims to be a magic user but seems incapable of resisting even the simplest of spells; that one has a weak mind and should be watched. When his magic and mind failed, he resorted to brawn, something I don’t intend to meet head on. If I had been one of the monks back home, I could have redirected his punch and put him on the ground. I decided to take a play from their book and judicious use of a grease spell had the same effect. Apparently Ludwig’s pride is far more delicate than his physique so the mad man sent his cat after me. My overprotective sister jumped in as usual, although I can’t say I’m particularly upset this time. Well, if Ludwig doesn’t want me to utilize my spells I’ll avoid directing them at him, even when he most needs them. Am I being petty? I’ll have to learn to forgive more easily if I’m to live up to my greatness in the future.

The Journal of Jocque Tarr

15 Arodus, 4710 AR

What are all these Free ships doing wrecked on this coast?!!! Dead men in the waves, ghosts of dead Captains rising from our fire… what evil lurks here?!!! The Shiv, how aptly named this place is! And these lubbers I am with seem to think more of fighting with each other than finding a way away from this evil place… this isle of death.

If I live through this, I’ll never buy a drink again. I’ve heard sailors’ tales that men would pay to hear but none as crazed as this one I am living through. Now they have decided to have a look at the big dark thing I spotted on the beach up north and maybe the gray dead ilsand just past it.

If I find a boat with a good sail anywhere along here I am of a mind to take my chances with the sea! I think my chances are slim to none if I stay with this pack. But my gut tells me that if the men on this island could have gotten away from it they would not now be eating one another. The Shiv! It is a blade in the heart of life!

The Journal of Drasheen Rettig

15 Arodus, 4710 AR

Damn crabs! I was sure that this one would fall to my blades but it grabbed me just like the last one did and unceremoniusly waved me around in the air while my party had to save me once again. At least it tasted good!

I wish the half-orc and the big barbarian would settle down.

I don’t know what to make of the log entries they found on the one pirate ship. It may be that Jask is innocent after all but if he is, my father may be in some danger himself. I will have to think on this some more.

Damn &%$$#* crabs!!!



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