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Now You See Him

Say hello to my little friend!

Goalrion date 26 Abadius 4711 AR

They cast a bunch of prep spells and Mastuuk teleported himself and Teyla and Drasheen into the fortress tower. The ground floor of the tower was littered with long branches ties in a pyramid shape in groups of three. Olujimmi had set teleportation traps all over and they teleported right into some.

There was a large ape on the thrown wearing a crown of sticks and a ripped jacket with two extra arms and another dire ape standing at the edge of the dias. Zelshee called down the fury of Iomedae and cut it down with one stroke of her axe. “Take that Olujimmi” she said as the two ledges above exploded with simian fury.

Mastuuk teleported back to the others and came back with them shortly thereafter. Teyla and Zelshee began fighting their way up the steps as they spied the real Olujimmi on the third level with two of his dire apes. There were six chauru-ka on the second level. Zelshee charged through the chauru-ka with Joque close behind as Teyla and Drasheen dealt with the short monkey men. Mastuuk cast spells from the ground floor until he drew too much attention at which time he dimension stepped outside only to find himself the focus of a half dozen chauru-ka and a dire ape guarding the courtyard.

Olujimmi stayed on the third floor ledge as he threw spells at them, mostly dispelling their prepared spells but also managing to get off a domination spell on Mastuuk that was only temporarily blocked by a protection from evil spell.

Zelshee and Joque made the third level, fighting through a chauru-ka and a dire ape slowing them down and faced off with the intimidating Olujimmi. Olujimmi threw 3 axes at Joque, who used his new gloves to catch one and throw it back. That enraged Olujimmi who launched himself in a half ton of fiendish simian fury at Joque. Zelshee stepped in and smote Olujimmi, attracting his attention. Olujimmi and Zelshee battled for a bit, with Zelshee getting in enough powerful blows with her axe to wound the beast. Olujimmi took a step back and disappeared with a poppping sound, he had teleported out!

Looking around and finding nothing more than signs that all of these creatures had been living here, they decided they needed to leave. Mastuuk dimension walked an invisible Drasheen and Joque out the back wall of the keep to the cliffs on the north side. Once outside, Joque noticed a 20 foot tall ape with bat wings, curling ram horns, and smoke snaking from it’s nostrils flying this way with Olujimmi riding it! Joque scrambled down the cliff to the water and dove in, invisible Drasheen cast air walk and ran across the chasm to the jungle of the valley walls on the other side and Mastukk returned inside and teleported himself and the two others back to their staging point.

They waited until Drasheen and Joque showed up. Drasheen told them the massive demonic ape and Olujimmi had flown to the keep. When Mastuuks protection from evil wore off, he dropped to the ground and began muttering worshipful words to Olujimmi. When Mastuuk began muttering where they were located, Zelshee tied him up and gagged him. Olujimmi was controlling him! They fled back towards camp, but saw the huge demonic ape flying towards them searching for them with Olujimmi on it’s back. They scrambled down the slopes and tried to hide from the beast. It flew within a couple hundred feet but continued on. They could see Olujimmin on it’s back, searching the jungle, apparently having healed himself.

After the beast flew on they made it back to camp. Nkechi and Drasheen tried to dispel the domination on Mastuuk but it didn’t work. They waited and two days later Nkechi was finally able to dispel the spell affecting Mastuuk. There had been no further sign of Olujimmi. Visions of the massive winged ape haunted their dreams…

Notes of Zelshee Venso

It was a long shot, and we knew it! We had no way of knowing what to expect. But, we had a good solid plan. And it almost worked. But I got a little too anxious and tried to do too much on my own. Mistakes were made. But luckily, no one died! Except A LOT of monkey men! Sadly, not the big bad one. Olujimmi lives to do battle again. We were so close to destroying him - but also so very close to being destroyed by him. He is more powerful (and smarter) than I imagined.

The huge demonic flying ape is of great concern to me! Is it a pet or a guard? If we kill Olujimmi will it just go away –HA! No! We now have another great beast to slay.

We MUST take precautions to never have the evil Olujimmi take possession of Mastukk’s mind again. Or any of us. That was almost our downfall. Had Olujimmi found us, in the shape we were in…….well, add that to the list of ‘Ways I Can Die Before I’m An Old Half Orc”.

Now we need a new plan. Sleep would help. Restful sleep! Maybe a talk with Nkechi might shed some light on a few things that could help us. Couldn’t hurt the situation.

From the Journal Drasheen Rettig

As I prepare to Pray and Meditate I’m watching my good friend Mastuuk whose mind had been taken over by the Evil one. In this state of mind Mastuuk had been telling of are where abouts and our plans. Finally Zelshee gagged her brother so he would of no more use to them.

The plan was so intricate and well thought out but until we got there we couldn’t actually know what we were up against. It was carzy and mind boggling and we were winning. Then it disappeared. As I was invisible and air walking to safty I saw a huge demonic ape creature flying through the sky with Olujimmi on his back. They flew to the top of the keep. WE ARE NOT DONE WITH THIS EVIL ONE!!!

Tomorrow when we get up from a good night’s sleep we will go over all of the events and list all the spells Olijimmi used and how he surprized with all of his dispell magic spells so all of our defences were taken away one by one. We too will have to come up with a way to counter his spells. This was by far the most compicated and intricate assult we have ever been on. I do hope we can get a few more good nights sleep…

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I hit that one right on the head, didn’t I? We threw a scare into that yellow-livered fat ape Olujimmi when we popped into (and out of — thank God) his throne room a couple of days ago. And just like I said, that coward put some poor dumb dire ape on his throne, put in a bunch of things to mess up teleporting, and hid in the rafters surrounded by more of his dire ape buddies and his toughest chauru-ka …. like a court girl up on a table grasping her peticotes for fear of a mouse on the floor!!! Cowardly bastard!

Working around Mastuuk and Drasheen has taught me a little about how they do their majic and I was able to suggest a couple of things about how we might assault the ha-ha great king using some of their powers but in their discussions it became clearer to me that they had to pick and choose their approach because of some limit on how many and what kinds of spells they could ready in a certain amount of time. So, it struck me how badly we must have shook “his magesty” up when he had so many spells of his own dedicated just to defeating a crew like ours.

But we almost got him anyway. He was squared away on Zelshee and I was about to put a couple of feet of adamantine between his four hairy shoulder blades when he popped out of his blood soaked tower and ran for it. He’s just like so many other bullies I have run into in the streets and in the bars of this world. He even had that spell ready.

Then, he comes back with his “big dog”. Mastuuk seems to know what that thing was he was riding I just know it was a flying horror. I also know that the last time I saw anything like that it was a statue back on the elevated plaza just below the local ziggurat. Knowing how a scumbag like Olujimmi thinks and acts tells me that this isn’t the first time he has made that thing come back to life. I bet he keeps it on that plaza and brings it back now and then to terrorize the local chauru-ka into submission to his every evil whim. I remember that when Drasheen cast her portent spell the answer she got said that killing Olujimmi would bring us closer to our goals but I bet the rest of it would be that eliminating Olujimmi and his playmate would be not only a good thing for us but a good thing for the chauru-ka here abouts. But that is going to take some doing --

The worst thing I think I have seen in a long time was Mastuuk groveling on the ground and praising that fat ape through slack lips. Mastuuk has the strongest mind in my memory and yet there he was, at the end, on his knees bubbering about how great and mighty Olujimmi was. I wanted to puke not only because my friend was lowered to this but because I knew that it would surely have been me if that four-armed freak had leveled his power on me. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it. And even if knocking Mastuuk unconcsious was the only answer to keeping him from giving away our location it was also a blessing to hear him stop talking like that!

I am not the best figher or planner in this crew but I think we cannot go back after Mister Olujimmi directly again. Now he knows a lot more about us and can set things up to take us down easier. We need to bring him to us - get him to chase us into some dark alley.

He will only do that if he thinks he can destroy us easily or is so angry he forgets himself. The last time I was in a situation anything like this, what worked was taunting the huge ego of another bully into making a deadly mistake. I wonder if Mastuuk is strong enough, capable enough, and brave enough, after what Olujimmi has just put him through, to do the job. All he has to do is link his mind back to that chunk of filth again and blubberingly let him know exactly where to come and how to finish us off.

Maybe I will still get a chance to feel those hairy shoulders sag on the point of my blade - for Mastuuk and for the chaura-ka -

From the Jornal of Mastuuk Venso

26 Abadius 4711 AR

Fools! We’ve wasted two more days because nobody has figured out that a simple protection spell would have been enough to ensure my domination was ineffective! It has been days since I have made a journal entry because I have spent that time grovelling to that awful monkey but my anger has not subsided.

26 Abadius 4711 AR, evening

Perhaps I judge my friends too harshly. While I would have hoped for a quicker resolution, they are not as schooled in the magic arts as I and I can’t expect them to know nearly as much. I guess I’m really mad at myself for allowing the domination spell to reach me. It doesn’t change the fact that Olujimmi has had more time to prepare for us again. Although his preparations last time proved less than adequate. We would have stopped him if I had thought to cast a fly spell on my sister so she could reach him more quickly before her spells were exhausted. Live and learn.

Now, what should we do about that foul mount of his? We can’t fight it in the open, we would be slaughtered. But perhaps we can lure it into another trap. If we can get Olujimmi and his pet to come to us and disappear into a protected building we might have a chance. Maybe it would be enough to show up in the district and announce ourselves. Could it be that easy? Few things are.


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Now You See Him

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