Serpent's Skull

Into the Wilds

Lost treasures and angry natives

Golarion date 18 Neth 4710AR

As they turned towards the saurian beast rising from the depths, it roared and lunged towards Mastuuk who was sitting in the back of the boat. Zelshee and Teyla pulled bows and started firing at the beast, Drasheen called lightning from the sky, and Mastuuk summoned creatures in the water to attack it. Meanwhile Joque started paddling madly to get away from the unexpected diner (they were obviously dinner).

The Spawn of Aomak was confused by the lightning and the creatures who simply disappeared when killed, when Mastuuk summoned a pack of celestial dolphins to distract it they were able to make it close to shore before the monster caught up to them again. This time Drasheen was ready for it, and a well timed inflict wounds spell convinced the beast to seek it’s meal elsewhere, but not before Teyla was incapacitated from her wounds.

After healing, they returned and found the sunken ship. Joque drank a potion of water breathing and swam down. In the wreck’s hold he found an old iron sea trunk that was permanently bolted to the ship. Picking the old lock, inside he found 10 gold ingots, 3 potions, and an adamantine machete. They took the treasure and returned to the native village where the natives marvelled at the tale of their encounter with the Spawn of the Great Aomak of the Depths.

The next morning they left the lake and followed the Korir river north towards the Screaming Jungle. A day later, as they passed the junction where the Pasuango River flowed into the Korir, they were ambushed by a patrol of Mzali Rangers. The Mzali warriors fired arrows at them from cover, including some very damaging magical arrows at the humans in the group. Appearing on a hill was a Mzali Sorcerer (in a terrifying wooden frog demon mask) who ordered his Troll JuJu Zombie to attack. Drasheen managed to turn the JuJu Zombie and make it flee after a battle of wills with the necromantic sorcerer. They were able to deal with the rangers well enough, though one kept peppering Mastuuk with arrows whenever he tried to cast a spell and the sorceror blinded Drasheen with his magic. The sorceror proved more difficult as he cast a spell and flew up into the trees for cover while pelting them with magical rays and nasty spells delivered by a spectral hand. Zelshee called on her god to smite the evil sorceror, Joque had a well placed arrow, and Drasheens blind healing combined with Mastuuks distractions combined to finally bring down the crazy flying necromancer. Shortly after the big zombie returned, but was easily cut down by Zelshee and Drasheen.

Searching the group, they found severed hands of colonials taken by the sorceror as prizes, a magical spear, an amulet, and his magic mask. They were all alive, but drained, and Drasheen was still blind. All this, and the had only just left the border of Sargava and entered the wilds of the Mwangi expanse… What other surprises awaited deep in the interior of this wild continent?

Notes from Zelshee Venso

I felt so useless waiting on the banks of the lake. But, better to be on the bank and breathing instead of on the bottom and drowning. I don’t swim – period! And I don’t like to swim. And i don’t want to swim – ever! They were able to handle it all themselves. They didn’t really need me.
Truthfully, I never thought Joque was going to find anything. And you know the old saying ‘Never pick up a jeweled box just laying in the road.’ Something that good can only bring bad luck! But i was wrong – happily! I’m a big enough half orc to admit it.
And then we barely get on our way and we’re ambushed by the same Mazali warriors that hung colonials from that tree outside of Kalabutu! Evil, that’s all I can say about them. They had magical arrows, a sorcerer, and a zombie troll! Growing up – WHO CAN TRAIN FOR THIS?? I had no idea people like this even existed. Zombie Trolls??? My nightmares seem to have taken form and now walk among us.
Yes, we prevailed. But at the expense of Drasheen eyesight and everyone was badly hurt. It was not an easy fight. But with each fight or skirmish, we seem to become a better fighting group. It’s good to know we can depend on each other when we really need to. How long has it been since Mastukk and I found these friends? Oh how our lives have changed. but I’m glad for the friendships that have come from all our misfortunes.
I buried the decomposing colonial hands we found. And now we rest here for the night. I think I’ll take first watch. I really don’t want to sleep.

From the Journal of Mastuuk Venso

18 Neth 4710AR

We were nearly put down in our first trek into The Expanse when we met a group of Mzali raiders and a rather powerful sorcerer. We proved stronger by are quite drained and Drasheen is permanently blinded by the encounter. I have recovered a spell book from the sorcerer and what a find it was! I do have some reservations however. The sorcerer was a necromancer and many of the spells are of questionable morality. I need to have a discussion with my sister and seek her guidance on this matter.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

One thing about this trip, for sure, is that I am going to have bar tales that put others to shame. I remember listening to others’ stories with my mouth hanging open only to realize later that they had probably been making parts of it up. But I won’t have to make anything up! I don’t think I ever saw so many teeth and such big teeth in one mouth. That sea beast in the lake, Aomak, it would make a great white close it’s mouth out of embarassment! And then only to find that the villagers thought this one was not their Aomak but a BABY ONE!!!! Geeze!!!!

And the ‘treasure’, I think it was waiting there just for me. I am debt free for the first time in a long time and have a little gold in my pocket again but more importantly this weapon I found down there is simply amazing to me. Mastuuk says it can cut through about any material in the world and it’s weight and balance are excellent. I wish some of my old ship mates could see it. It is a work of art.

We no more than move a few more miles and bingo! We run right into the guys who left all those undead things in the tree the other side of Kalabuto. Only now, they want to gut us and hang us in a tree! And their leader was a real beaut he was. No wonder he wore a mask! He blinded our cleric, Drasheen, and even had Mastuuk on the run a couple of times. We finally brought him down but what a fight that turned out to be. If this is the edge of the jungle and the beginning of its terrors we are in for a rough time of it and that’s for sure. My mind is always turning back to those ahead of us though and I wouldn’t put it past a couple of the groups out there to have pointed this owl-face and his friends our way. The only thing that puzzled me on that count was that there seemed to be no specific effort to spare Mastuuk. Every one of the groups ahead of us must realize that he is the key that opens the door at the end of this trail unless somebody out there already has the key …. and that would be snake-girl, wouldn’t it???

It isn’t bad enough that we have to fight the jungle and the critters in it we are also fighting forces that are even more dangerous …. in the long run.

From the journal of Drasheen

Holy Sea Serpant…zombies…poison arrows. It has been a very difficult couple of days. I jumped in on the undead thinking this I know how to kill. But when I was blinded by evil flying magician I was stunned abd scared. I could only hear the screams and the fighting. I could only imagine the horrible things happeningto my friends. I need to pray and sleep. My mind is swimming and I don’t swim well.



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