Serpent's Skull

Hunters or Hunted

It's how big?!?!?

Golarion date 15 Abadius 4711AR

Seeing how useful the enchanted weapons were against the shadows in the vault, Drasheen decided she needed to magic her trident so prayed to Gozreh to bless the weapon over the next two days. Mastuuk bought a scroll from the Pathfinders and worked to inscribe it in his spellbook. Bored while the spellcasters did their thing, Zelshee, Joque, and Teyla climbed the ridge south of their camp to approach the bone island from the jungle side to see what they could see.

The going was difficult because of the thick jungle and the slope of the valley sides, but they found a spot where they could see the depression on the north side of the island where they suspected a creature lurked. They watched for several hours when two huge jungle mantises decided to make meals of Zelshee and Teyla. Unfortunately for the mantises they forgot to bring their can openers and could not get through the metal exterior to the juicy bits inside, although one did manage to squeeze some juice out of Zelshee. After defeating the mantises, the three watched until the afternoon rains came, but saw no movement from the island, although Joque did spot some horse sized winged creature flying into the keep on the island in the distance. They made their way back towards camp, but Zelshee slipped and tumbled towards the water. She was able to catch herself on a tree and finally make it back over the ridge.

The next day they went back to watch some more, this time with Mastuuk. Again, they saw nothing and got wet. While they were gone, Drasheen was praying over her trident and heard yells and the clash of steel from the east side of camp. Dropping her prayers, she grabbed the trident and rushed over there to find a pitched battle going on between the Pathfinders and a dozen tough looking men wielding scimitars and kukris. Drasheen charged headlong into the fray and soon found herself squaring off against two of the attackers. Though hard pressed she was able to drop one with spells and trident, but was injured. When she stepped back from the second and cured herself, he growled “No more of that you damnable <***bleep***>” and tackled her. Soon he had her pinned and was driving the kukri towards her vitals, and Drasheen knew she was in trouble. A long struggle ensued, and Drasheen was cut several times. Eventually she was able to free one hand and send a spark of lightning into her attackers face, and finish him off. Drasheen was gravely wounded, but the attackers had been driven off. She soon found out they were Apsis guards who had gotten into an altercation with some of the Pathfinders in the ruins. A fistfight had broken out, and when one of the Pathfinders was losing he drew a dagger and stabbed his Aspis assailant. The Aspis guy had fled, but come back to the camp with friends. There was much damage done to the camp during the fight.

The group returned from island watching to find the damage done by the attack. Zelshee wanted to blame Amivor Glaur, and lectured him. He did not take it kindly. Zelshee decided to go out hunting after the rains stopped, but got lost in the jungle. When she didn’t come back by dark, Teyla had to go find her. Maybe city girls shouldn’t wander the jungle alone…

The third day the group decided to attack the bone island. Returning to the jungle slopes facing the water, Mastuuk flew out invisibly and summoned dolphins to attack the huge creature he saw resting in the water while the other four waited in the trees with bows. As the summoned dolphins attacked, the water erupted with a humungous crocodile! The croc promptly swallowed one of the dolphins whole and began ravaging the others in a frenzy of tooth and tail. Mastuuk summoned a couple sharks as the croc dove, and they watched the water froth for a short while. Mastuuk then summoned 4 horses to the river bank, and sure enough soon the massive croc erupted from the water and chomped down 2 of the horses while the other two fled. The archers in the trees fired and the massive beast spotted them. Mastuuk summoned a nauseous fog which slowed the croc for a short time, writhing tentacles which proved totally ineffective against the monstrosity, and a web which it promptly ripped through like it was fog. The croc crashed up the slope with an incredible burst of speed towards it’s attackers. Mastuuk teleported himself and Zelshee behind it but soon after Zelshee found herself in it’s massive jaws! Just as it was swallowing her whole, Joque was able to finish it with several rapidly well placed strikes with his adamantine machete and the monster died. They extracted Zelshee from inside the dead beast and thanked their luck that they were all alive.

With the destruction of the monster of bone island, the trad district had effectively been pacified and the Pathfinders could begin to move in and perform their exploration of this portion of the city. However, the ruined keep on the island and the foreboding cave in the sinkhole next to the ziggurat remained dangers.

Notes by Zelshee Venso

I lay awake at night counting the ways that I might die. Before I left home, I only could think of a handful. I am now on number 58!

In my last entry I stupidly stated that this was an exciting adventure! HA! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! I almost got eaten by gigantic mantises and I DID get eaten by a Gigantic Crocodile!!! I never imagined creatures could grow so large…..and ugly. That mantis thing still gives me the creeps. Not to mention the inside of a crocodile. Nothing I ever want to see again. Those huge teeth and his breath!!!! I RETCH every time I think of the stench!
Even though I had securely planted myself between 2 trees so as not to slip down the hill, it was really brilliant of Mastuuk to move me to the side of the giant croc. My axe was able to do maximum damage and rip into its’ side. Which is probably why it decided to eat me first! I am grateful to Joque for the quick killing blow. I was able to prevent myself from sliding all the way into the beasts’ stomach.
I heard you can eat croc meat! Serves him right for wanting to eat Zelshee meat!
I would like to get over to that island and have a look at the bones of the creatures this thing has eaten. It might give us an idea of what else is here that we need to be wary of.

At least everything that we fought this time was alive. I’m thinking the next 2 places we investigate might not. Oh Iomedae, hear my prayers!

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I have never felt some of the things I have been feeling here in Savinth-Yhi. Sure, I have been part of several crews before but I have never felt as tight with any of them as I do with this one and it really isn’t a crew as much as a kind of random group of people who have come to rely on one another — more than in a regular crew, I mean. No pirate would ever come back from relative safety to fight a monstrosity like the mantis or croc just because one of the crew was getting herself eaten. Well, maybe for one or two other crew you were really tight with but not all of them. But that is the thing here. Even when I know I should walk away, I find myself running back into the frey simply because somebody I have come to care a lot about is in real danger. And I find myself feeling that way for all of this strange bunch. Nobody on any crew I ever served with before would believe Juan Sevette would do some of the things I have been doing recently. I can almost hear Kassata Lewynn laughing her ass off at me — especially if I got killed doing anything like that — “He got killed doing what?!! Bullsh*t! That isn’t the guy I know.”

I am going back to the island at first light to search for the croc’s den. Heaven only knows who or what that monster left lying there. I hope I can talk one or more of my friends into going with me to act as lookout while I go in the water. I remember stories about crocs with underwater caves that they can lay up in after a big meal. If that monster croc has a cave like that, it might be the place to find some really special treasures. Then again, there might not be a cave or anything but bones, but I gotta look.

As I finished this, I saw Zelshee look my way before heading in to lay down for the night. She isn’t very expressive (except in a battle rage) but I think she kinda gave me a quick look that said thanks for being there for me.

There are those feelings again. If Juan Sevette ever let on that he thought a 300-pound, half-orc woman fighter had a certain beauty to her, he would have been run out of the bar. Maybe I have taken one too many blows to the head or something.

From the Journal ofDrasheen Rettig

As I sat their looking at the 2 dead bodies of the Apsis guard I just fought I began to really feel sorry for myself because I really got beat up good. Then I heard about my buddies getting chomped down and swallowed, “SWALLOWED!” out at the bone island. Oh my gosh, I’m going to have nightmares tonight because we are going back there tomorrow. After I finish enhansing my trident we will head out, oh I don’t know? Zelshee told me the croc was a mile long and that Mastuuk has summoned hundreds of horses and sharks and dolphins to slow down and distract that huge croc before it ate her…Its a good thing Joque didn’t keep his promise to himself “to stay in the back” as I heard he made the killing strike to save Zelshee. What Mastuuk must of been feeling watching his sister getting eaten after he did all he could do….? This place is scarey!
Pray and meditate real hard Darsheen!

From the journal of Mastuuk Venso

15 Abadius 4711AR

I continue to provide Zelshee with opportunities to expand her horizons. How many have witnessed the inside of a giant crocodile?! That crocodile resisted all of my attacks but I did manage to slow it well enough for the rest of the group to turn it into a pin cushion. However, I do hope there are no more of them. We may not be so lucky next time. We were only able to prepare because it did a poor job hiding itself in the water.

Speaking of poor jobs, I worry that some in the Pathfinder group don’t know how to stick to their jobs of exploration. There was an incident with the Aspis which could have been easily avoided and it nearly cost Drasheen her life. We’ve warned those fools to stay away from the Aspis but their pride stood in the way of common sense. Now we all need to rebuild the camp instead of seeking the knowledge and treasures of the city.

I continue to expand my knowledge of spells but I find it difficult to locate suitable source material. While the camp is quite well stocked for survival in the jungle, their selection of magic scrolls is thin at best. The other magic users with us are all divine and I find they don’t truly understand their magics, and simply channel the power of their gods. If only I could wrangle a meeting with a god…I shutter to think what would happen with their knowledge and my raw brain power.



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