Serpent's Skull

Exploring the Shiv

Fun with fauna

Golarion date: 11 Arodus, 4710

After some discussion it was decided to climb down to the rocky beach of the bay and make their way along the coastline. They packed up all their supplies, disbanded camp, and took a good long while getting everything down the cliff and onto the beach. The group was attacked by a mated pair of Dimorphodons and Ludwig was rather weakened from their poison. Juan was urged by Sasha to climb up to their cave and see if there were any young. Juan found a single egg in a nest in the cave. He gave it to Sasha, who was grateful (though maybe not as compliant as Juan hinted he wanted her to be!). Sasha was much more cooperative with the group after this gesture.

Later that afternoon, they were attacked by a giant crab scrabbling up onto the beach. Drasheen charged forward to challenge the crab, but was quickly grabbed by both claws and gravely wounded. The crab tried to retreat to the safety of the water with it’s prize, but was cut down in the surf. Drasheen was pulled back onto the beach and revived with a couple of healing potions from the satchel found on the Jenivere. The group set up camp and had a feast of crab legs. That night Juan was investigating the green glowing surf when he saw a ghostly figure of a drowned sailor beckoning to him from the waves. Sasha threw a rock in the water at the figure and it disappeared.

That night the weakened Ludwig had a disturbing dream.

The next day, they broke down camp again, packed up all the supplies and headed southwards along the beach. The cliffs fell away and the jungle encroached and soon the found the ruins of an old camp facing the bay. Amongst several collapsing shelters made of driftwood stood a lone woman staring out to the bay. As Zelshee approached, she noticed the woman was dead and covered in yellowish plant growths. As the dead woman reached out Zelshee cut her in two with one swing of the axe. They were shocked to find vines amidst the rotting internal organs of the woman. Searching the camp, Ludwig found a note hidden under a piece of driftwood scrawled on the back of an accounting ledger page. They also found a game trail heading into the jungle.

There was much debate about continuing along the coast of the bay or heading inland. During the debate Mastuuk mentioned the treasure of Captain Quellig. Ishirou became interested and mentioned he had a map of Quellig’s treasure and if it were on the Shiv he would share the map for a 50% share of the treasure. After some negotiations he agreed on 33% and they set off into the jungle, heading for the high ground to see if they could spot the bald hill that was illuminated by the rising sun as depicted on the map.

At the base of the inland escarpment they came across a clearing covered in yellow plant growth with a bulbous yellow plant and two more dead plant zombies with it. During the battle, Ludwig was entranced by a pollen spray from the plant, walked up to it and allowed it to insert tendrils into his nostrils and ears and into his cranial cavity. He was saved when the plant was slain moments later.

Notes from Zelshee…

Known dangers of the island: the cannibals, the medium winged monsters (Dimorphodons), giant crabs, yellow musk creepers with zombie cohorts. Other dangers to be aware of: Captain and Ieana, green glowing ghosts floating in bay, large winged creature that I heard on watch the first night.
When we first awoke I noticed we were all lined up on the beach in a neat row. Gear in a large pile close by. Why doesn’t anyone else find that odd? Who put us there? Why? How did they get us from the sinking ship to the beach? Where are they now? And how many of them are there? Too many questions! I want to discuss it with a few of the other passengers, but some might be frightened by all the unknown. I must find a way to determine which passengers are going to be the most help and which ones are going to need the help.

  1. Mastuuk – so far he’s surprised me. Not much wining and he’s seems to be trying to help everyone – a team player and not a loner. Good!
  2. Drasheen – She able to help when someone is hurt. We need that. She rushed right up to fight the giant crab. Didn’t turn out to be the best idea for her – but she’s not a coward. She has a prisoner. That needs more investigating. I think there is a lot more to the story than she knows.
  3. Jask – Drasheen’s prisoner. older guy, willing to help out. Need to keep an eye on him. Not sure I trust him. He seems sincere, or maybe he’s just a real good liar. I hope not, I like him. Needs protecting.
  4. Gelik – looks nice. Hasn’t showed his true value yet ….unless I blinked. Needs protecting
  5. Aerys – looks like a bad-ass, but needs protecting because of her dependency
  6. Teyla – knows how to handle herself! Doesn’t smell so bad since she got that funk removed. Kind of a loner, just her and that box. Must be valuable. I probably should help her keep an eye on it. She puts it down to fight. Don’t need anyone sneaking off with it. Not sure where they’d go, though.
  7. Ludwig – he’s very good with that scimitar! Unless he’s been stung repeatedly. Even so, he didn’t back down after he was hurt. Good, another one that can take care of himself. His ‘cat’, stay away from! I hate cats and that thing has some real teeth on it.
  8. Ishirou – Greedy. Has a katana, but no idea if he can use it. Needs protecting.
  9. Shasha – looking out for herself. Has an attitude and doesn’t like authority figures!
  10. Juan – Hots for Shasha. Crazy good climber! That’s going to come in handy out here. Also can handle himself in a fight.

Why are we here?

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

11 Arodus, 4710 AR

Another day on this island and nearly a party member short. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll get off this island alive but then I realize we will with my help. I happened to mention Captain Quellig and it seems I was the only one who had heard of him, don’t people read anymore? Then Ishirou, slow as he is, showed a little life. It seems he has a number of treasure maps - I guess we know why he’s here. Although I wasn’t given access to authenticate it, one of his maps belonged to that same pirate captain. We followed it having little else to go on. We may or may not find the treasure but there might be something else to help up out.

We’ve also run across some more of the local fauna. A few dimorphodons, which we dispatched quite easily. I’m not too worried about them, we obviously intruded on their nesting area and they were simply trying to scare us away. Juan di d take the egg, a decision I’m unsure about. It would not have survived without its parents and it may not survive now but I doubt it will remain terribly friendly once it hatches, especially when it realizes we won’t be able to properly feed it.

A large crab nearly killed Drasheen, a capable cleric but a foolish tactician, we need to have a talk with her one of these days.

The strange plant we ran across earlier today intrigues me and I really wish I had more time to study it. Apparently, its spores infect living beings and as they grow, the replace the innards of the host until nothing is left but a zombie of sorts. They are not true undead but have about as much intelligence. I’m not sure what the group would have done without me. Greasing up Ludwig not only prevented him from running after us while entranced, it also provided a way to put him out of his misery should that need have arisen.

The Journal Of Ludwig Von Vigh

A day of optimism! Yes, we are on a deadly island. Yes, we have limited resources. Yes, we have no solid method from this place. But, we proved ourselves today. Flying Dinos, giant crabs, plant zombies all dead. Crew and passengers all alive. Fantastic day of adventuring I say!

Note to self, prepare and expect the unexpected. When the flying dinos came at us, I was not sure who could take a hit. I felt confident that I would be able to dodge and or defend myself while out in the open. I chose to draw some attention in this way. I have the ability to heal and Drasheen seems very capable as well. So some battle wounds were expected, but not the poison they left to linger in my body. Not expected and at half strength, I had to shed several items of gear. And again later in the day, beaten and disillusioned by spores, but saved by the party. Another note of optimism I should think. Maybe its mutually beneficial that I stay alive, but just maybe this troop will be one for the making, learning to fight together.

I must say, that at my weekend strength, I will likely travel light and in the middle of the pack, tend to Eclipses wounds and be more tactful in the coming days as I regain strength. I should also think to purify more food and water, as I think Zelshee must be very hungry. As Drasheen lay dying, with me pouring potions gently into her mouth, Zelshee’s first concern and comment was “Do you think we can eat this crab”. She must be starving.

The Journal of Teyla Gunler

I love the early morning hours. Everyone is keeping to themselves, praying or meditating or (like me) enjoying the silence. I thought this would be the perfect time to tell Ludwig about myself not feeling well. He tried to help but failed. I guess he needs a little more practice. Some of the others took notice and gave some advice. Later, I drank one of the potions from the stash that we took off of the ship. I am feeling much better, but not quite 100% yet.

I am still getting to know the group. We worked really well today and killed some creatures and zombies and some plant-like thing that was trying to steal Ludwig from us. I think we have a good thing going. Maybe we will make it off this island alive!

I am not sure about Mastuuk. He keeps eyeing my lockbox. I will have to watch him and make sure he does not try to use some spell to open my box and/or take it from me!



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