Serpent's Skull

Dropping In

Howdy Neighbor!

Golarion date 23 Abadius 4711AR

They ran.

Joque ran first, then he came back, then the others ran, then Joque ran. But Joque found himself separated and ended up running for the lake and jumping off the bridge and swimming for it. The others fled through the city with howling charau-ka in pursuit on the rooftops. A haste spell from Mastuuk allowed them to outdistance their pursuers as the sounds of screaming monkey men erupted from across the whole district. At one point they were cut off by a patrol at an intersection, but fought their way through and escaped the district. The charau-ka did not pursue them out of the district.

They returned to camp and called it a day.

The next day they were determined to find out who or what Olujimmi was. They skirted the government camp and climbed the slopes of the valley to a ruined building overlooking the lake across from Olujimmi’s fortress. Mastuuk went invisible and opened a dimensional door to teleport himself and Joque across the lake into the northwest corner of the fortress. They found themselves in a storeroom off the central yard of the keep. Peering out the door they could see two charau-ka and a dire ape guarding the gate and at least two chaura-ka walking the walls. Realizing they couldn’t make it across the yard in broad daylight without being spotted, Mastuuk used his conjurers ability to dimensional step to hop through the walls of the outbuildings and made it from one outbuilding to the next until they finally teleported into the large tower that made up the entire eastern third of the fortress.

They found the circular tower was completely open all the way to the top. Around the perimeter there were 2 wide stone balconies that made the interior cylindrical room into 3 levels. All three levels were perforated with arrow slits, and stairs connected each level and led to a trapdoor to the roof.

On the western side of the ground level were large doors leading to the yard. On the opposite side was a raised square dias with 3 steps and columns at each corner. On the dias was a large throne occupied by a hulking nasty looking four armed gorilla. The beast was heavily armed with a variety of axes, was wearing gruesome trophies as jewelry including a necklace of human and elven ears. Standing around the dias were 4 dire apes, and 6 chaura-ka warriors were on the upper platforms. Mastuuk realized that the gorilla was actually an Anghazani, a Spawn of Anghazan, the demon lord of beasts and cruel tyrants. The Anghazani are a race of intelligent man eating high girallons ruled by the Gorilla King in the western Mwangi Jungle. This must be Olujimmi himself:


Olujimmi looked at them in surprise and leaped to his feet roaring “Who are you that dares intrude into the lair of the great Olujimmmi!!!!” Joque put up his hands and tried to mutter some placating words as the invisible Mastuuk put his hand on Joque preparing to teleport to safety. “On your knees insect! Pay homage to Olujimmi or die where you stand!” he roared. Joque immediately dropped to his knees as the dire apes menaced them and the charau-ka on the upper levels hooted. Olujimmi looked straight at Mastuuk (who was invisible) and said “You too weakling, down on your knees!” as Olumjimmi drew 3 throwing axes simultaneously with his 3 free hands. When Mastuuk realized Olujimmi could see him even though he was invisible, his heart sank into his stomach and he dropped to his knees once again putting his hand on Joque just in case. “Now kiss the dirt you worms, and prepare yourselves to pay tribute to Anghazan!” The bent down as commanded. “Take them!” Olujimmi ordered the apes, who moved forward. That was enough for Mastuuk who quickly began casting a dimension door spell to get them the heck out of there. Olujimmi roared and threw all three of his axes at Mastuuk, as the axes whirled across the room towards the mage he completed the spell and they popped back to the building across the lake.

Mastuuk and Joque quickly rattled off their story and just as they were finishing, the sounds of beating drums could be heard coming from the fortress across the water. Fearing an imminent attack from the ape men in the neighboring district they fled for the government camp which was close by. They warned the government of the possible attack, and the soldiers of the government faction were a buzz of activity as they prepared. Returning to the Pathfinder camp, they also prepared for a possible attack canceling exploration activities for the day and fortified for an attack that never came. All was quiet.

The next day Mastuuk prepared a scroll of dimension door. They planned to attack Olujimmi in his lair with Mastuuk shuttling the group across with his teleportation spells in small groups and he needed the scroll as a backup. On the third day they headed back planning to face the Ape Lord of the eastern district in the heart of his lair.

Note of Zelshee Venso

Foolishness. That’s what this next adventure is going to be. I’m not sure how we will ever defeat all these monkey men! Do we have the knowledge and the abilities to overcome this great evil? I have my doubts. I pray Iomedae will still have need of my axe after this encounter with Olujimmi and his minions! And it’s all the minions that I am so worried about. There are just so many of them. And will they just lay down their weapons once their great leader is dead? Now that’s the pile of gold question!
I am happy to do battle with the great Olujimmi! That is one Evil creature that I will gladly send back to the abyss!
We all have our own specialties – everyone in this little group. We just need to work together, count on each other, and leave none of our dead bodies behind!

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

These recon missions are getting tougher and toughter!

You go in just checking a place out and wind up running (and/or swimming) for your life. Geeze! I never saw so many pissed off monkeys in my life and I’d like to avoid any further views of that sort for a long time to come. It is obvious to the casual observer that there is no way we are going to fight that many individuals. It reminds me of the swarms of insects we have encountered. No matter how many of them you kill there are still more trying to take your life.

I guess that was what Mastuuk was thinking too. One way to beat a colony of insects is to tame or kill the queen, or so I have heard. He convinced me to come along to see if we could gather some kind of info on what the castle up on the hill was like. But Mastuuk, being the really smart one in the crew, decided to go right into the main keep. I found out later that what he wanted to know was something more about this Olujimmmi guy. Well, we found out okay! Not only is he the largest, smelliest, and most fouly bedecked ape I ever saw (or hope to see again) he turned out to be some kind of demon spawn. And said spawn was not only sitting on some kind of throne but was heavily armed and wide awake! There was a lot of howling and rage and I hit the dirt but things turned really bad when it became ovious that Olujimmi could clearly see Mastuuk who was totally invisible to me! I don’t think there is a sailor alive who was ever more happy to feel a half orc hand on his back than I was because what I expected to happen was to find myself all alone in a room full of blood thirsty animals. When I felt Mastuuk’s hand on my back even after it was clear he was visible to the demon I was more than a little suprised.

The next thing I know we are back across the water with our friends. This dime en son door thing that Mastuuk can pull off is something I really, really, really need to learn how to do!!!!!

Again, I think the swarm of insects thing is on several minds. What comes up next is a plan to go back into Olujimmi’s throne room, using Mastuuk’s abilities to get us there quickly, and kill or capture him. I think the best thing we can do is kill him and cut off his ugly head and carry it out to show his minions he is gone but I don’t know what happens to a demon when you kill it. He might just disappear in a puff of smoke or something.

And the beauty of this current plan is that I am going to have to run away on my own and Drasheen is going to have to air walk her way away on her own if we are successfull. The way I understand it, Mastuuk can only do so many spells of this kind a day.

On top of that, the plan has a few other flaws that have likely developed between our first visit and this next planned one. I don’t think we are going to get in there and out of there so easily the next time. If I know big, fat, tough guys very well, and I do, this Olujimmi probably pooped on his throne when we popped in and out of there the other day. For the next month or so he will have every platform above him filled with arrow shooting, spear throwing monkeys and will have two or three times as many fighters around him and his chair. Hell, if I was him, I might dress somebody else up to look like me, let him sit on my chair for a while, while I hid under my bed.

But we plow on. I think Olujimmi would be highly insulted if somebody told him that guys out there were mentally comparing him to a queen bee but that is exactly what is happening. Drasheen cast a spell the other day and asked her diety if killing this ape would help and apparenly the answer she got back was affirmative. So, look out Queenie, here goes nothin’!!

I only hope my half elf ears don’t go good with the others around that four-armed freak’s neck.

From the Journal ofDrasheen Rettig

Oh boy the thouht of humndreds of monkey men…how can we possibly kill all of them? Run, don’t run. Yes, Run like hell. I feel we all will have to use all our powers, experiecnc and knowledge to even get pass the next few days much lessthe months its going to take rid this place ofall its evil. But each of us have our talents and when working together it si amazing. We have all come so close to death and yet we have never given up on each other. It is allso mind boggling. I was pround of us for warning the government of the dangers and possible attack was truely unselfish of Mastuuk and a good thing. Now we know more than any of the other groups about the circular tower and the rooms inside, all of which will be used against them. we must come up with a plan to kill Olumjimmi. That will take lots of prayers and meditation. Mastuuk’s summoning monsters has been brilliant and Teyla’s and Zeshee"s bravery had been undaunting but surprisingly enough Joque has out done himself over and over again. We have been a true team. I"m proud of us. We have been Blessed.

From the journal of Mastuuk Venso

23 Abadius 4711AR

My research has recently lead me to a most useful technique. I’ve studied the dimension door spell extensively and have determined how it warps space and allow for rapid travel over short distances. I’ve become so familiar with the process that I now find that I can enter a cross dimensional state with only the power of my mind. While not as powerful as the spell, I am still able to pass through obstructions and escape the clutches of my enemies.

My first major tactical test of this ability was something of a success. Joque and I were able to pass through the walls of Olujimmi’s keep and surprise the foul demonic beast. Unfortunately we was able to see through my invisibility, a most unnerving experience. We escaped just in time but have raised his hackles. I feer death is the only release we can hope for, his or ours.

This will be a most difficult foe. Our plan is to strength and quicken the team. I will transport my sister and Teyla as close as possible to Olujimmi hoping that he will be in his throne room. A quick return for Drasheen and Joque should position us well to focus on the four armed monster. With luck we will defeat him before his guards can dispatch us. If not, my new ability may be our only way out. Barring that, god save us all.

The only hesitation I have with the plan is I think we might be better sending Joque and Drasheen to the roof first in order to drop on our unsuspecting foe and distract him from the fighters. That will depend on how many guards are on the roof, maybe a brief scouting expedition first? Or maybe Joque can sneak in and scale the wall instead.



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