Serpent's Skull

Daggers in the Dark

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Golarion date 12 Neth 4710AR

Cheiton the dwarf had a snug little house just down the street from the Shrunken Head Tavern, still near the river. He only had 3 small guest bedrooms upstairs so the group fought over who gets a bed. In the end the three ladies, Teyla, Drasheen, and Zelshee ended up with the beds. Mastuuk thought to share one with Teyla, but a quickly brandished knife convinced him otherwise and by the time he got back downstairs Joque had claimed the only couch and Mastuuk was resigned to a restless night in a chair.

In the middle of the night the 3 ladies woke to cloaked strangers in their rooms shooting them with poisoned hand crossbows. Zelshee and Teyla succumbed to the paralysis poison, but Drasheen resisted. However, Drasheen was overcome by two of the invaders and all three were tied up and gagged. Mastuuk, tossing and turning in his chair heard a commotion upstairs, woke Joque and they investigated. There were four attackers, and they came after Mastuuk when they saw him, making it clear Mastuuk was their target. Mastuuk managed to flee back downstairs, and Joque used some fancy acrobatics to evade the attackers and free Zelshee from her bonds. Once Zelshee regained her big axe and got her big ass out of bed, things turned bad for the home invaders. Two of them fled, two died, but Zelshee got burned by a magical flaming ward on the front door when she tried to leave to chase one of them

Drasheen became very suspicious of their host, grabbed some rope and threw open the door to Cheiton’s room (he had not made an appearance during the scuffle). She found Cheiton asleep in his bed with a mask over his eyes, earplugs in his ears, and hugging a worn stuffed bear. Drasheen attacked Cheiton in his sleep and with Joque’s help got him tied up. Cheiton was furious and a great uproar brought Zelshee who tried to calm everyone down and she untied Cheiton. Cheiton claimed innocence, but was very angry with Drasheen. When Cheiton searched one of the dead assailants, he found a letter of credit for the Aspis Consortium stores in a hidden pocket in one of their boots. It seemed the Consortium was behind the attack, and Drasheen apologized to Cheiton. They found the leader of the group had a potion of invisibility and a wand of Glyph of Warding with 3 charges left. They dumped the bodies in the river.

Over the next couple of days they arranged the supplies that would be needed by their expedition when it arrived. The supplies were laid up in a rented warehouse, and the group busied themselves preparing for the second leg of their journey to the ruins of Tazion.

A couple of days later the Pathfinder expedition rolled into town. It seemed the expedition had had a rough time of it, and Amivor told them that they had been attacked by an entire tribe of Bandu tribesmen as they camped at the edge of the hills. There were 12 wounded, several dead, and three members of the expedition had been carried off along with some supplies stolen in the raid. Recovering from this attack would set them back a couple days, so the trailblazers pushed on to scout the route into the Screaming Jungle. Joque was anxious to see what might come of the treasure map they had been given claiming lost treasure in the Lake of Vanishing Armies…

Crossing to the north side of the rive at Kalabuto, the group traveled 60 miles east to the Lake of Vanishing Armies. They found the river and lake dotted with small native villages, most of them friendly. Talking with some of the natives about dangers of the lake they were told of the great beast that lurked in it’s depths and occasionally swallowed small fishing boats whole. The locals called the beast Aomak and described him as a titanic saurian monstrosity with an insatiable appetite. Joque tried to puzzle out the location marked on their treasure map, and determined it was on the far eastern shore. If the sunken ship indicated on the map was in the shallows of the east shore, it was likely Aomak would not bother them. They traded a lantern for use of a small rowboat from one of the locals and set out to investigate. After a half day searching using the map as a guide, they spotted what looked like might be a sunken ship in 40 foot deep water. As they peered into the depths a shadow crossed over them, and they turned to see a long necked sharp toothed monster looming over them. The beast was large enough to swallow a halfling whole, could this be Aomak? They pondered this question as the beast roared and attacked.

From the Log of Jocque Tarr

I was right. The Consortium laid a trap for Mastuuk the walking map to what we seek. I was also right about the group’s need for my skills. In the middle of the night I was able to move through them like a shadow, cause confusion and free our real fighters to drive them off. I was also smart enough to search the bodies of the swine who attacked us and left the letter of credit from the Consortium half pulled from the one bastard’s boot pocket so the dwarf could “find” it. It was all too convienent for him to be sleeping with plugs in his ears and a shade over his eyes wasn’t it. His feinged outrage over our accusations was pretty thin gruel if you ask me. Imagine a man with prior adventuring skills sleeping with a teddy bear, Bah, I say. More like a quick way to make a gold piece or two. I bet if I searched his place I’d find another letter of credit stuck away somewhere!

It was sad to hear that the baggage train took so many hits from the Bandu. We should have neve let those two escape to tell the tale. A lesson learned. Now we are back on the trail and have found the Lake of Vanishing Armies and I have talked the group into at least checking out the map the old shaman gave us and they have given me a day. My plan is to make a dive to see if there really is a treasure waiting in the depths. And if there is, to mark it for another dive on the way back. We have the equipment and the spells to give it a shot but what about this monster, Aomak?

Probably just another savage myth…………..what in the seven hells is that??!!!!

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

12 Neth 4710AR

I was wondering when this would start. It seems the Aspis Consortium were the first to try and capture me. Until now, the others have tried to slow our progress or buy my assistance but now that game has changed and a potent game it is. Luckily I was not quite asleep and heard the commotion as three of our memebers were rendered immobile. Waking Joque, I went upstairs into the four rogues sent to capture me. I ran downstairs figuring I would become invisible before attempting to free my companions. I paused briefly by the door and in a moment of weakness, thought about running. Luckily I’m more loyal than that as the door was warded.

I blasted two of the rogues with a colorspray then made myself invisible and snuck back upstairs to release Teyla. Jogue was able to free my sister who removed a few heads; nearly that of our host as well, a fool but not a traitor.

I was able to obtain a few scrolls to expand my spellbook. I really should work on that backup book once I get some funds for materials. Speaking of which, we’re taking an afternoon to search for the treasure alluded to on that map we received. I plan on putting it to good use if we can manage to avoid the beast which lurks below.

From the Journal of DDrasheen Rettig

Once again I question my faith and my resolve. I did, I truely did want to hurt, I mean rally hurt Cheiton!! Who does he think we are that we should beleive that he was asleep. I’ve use earplugs before and they are not that great. Well Mastuuk has a way of making the best of bad situation. Can you imagine having Mastuuk and his sister mad at you…Cheiton will not give us anymore greif. And if he tries I will take pleasure in setting him straight. I have taken a breath and calmed down. Oh no our poor expedidtion really got beat up. We should never have let those 2 tribesmen get away. Now on to an adventure true and simple, good and evil. A seaserpant guarding a treasure…sounds good to me. Oh I do need prayer saving the world from evil getting to the ruins of Tazion must be my first priority before treasure hunting.



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