Serpent's Skull

Battle of Lighthouse Point

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Golarion date: 21 Arodus, 4710

Exhausted after tracking the cannibal raiding party all night long, the group rested along the banks of the river for a short while. Ludwig picked up their tracks again and verified the large group they were tracking followed the jungle trail along the river.

The trek was difficult because of lack of sleep, lack of food, and the heat. They had to stop several times to recover their strength. By the time of the afternoon rains, it was determined that they would not catch up to the raiding party anytime soon, so they stopped and rested until midnight. Throughout the last half of the night, after recovering most of their strength and with the judicious use of light orisons, they continued tracking the cannibals along the jungle trail. Going was slow because of the difficulty of the darkness and the rains washing away the tracks, but shortly after dawn they heard the echoing of drums in the distance. Consulting the map it was clear they were nearing the southwest point of the island and they figured the cannibal camp was near.

While the spell casters of the group prepared spells, Juan, Teyla, and Zelshee scouted ahead along the trail. Soon the trail ran along a cliff side facing the ocean on their right, and the dense jungle on the left. The sound of the drums were close, so they faded a short way into the jungle and Juan crept ahead to scout. Juan failed to spot a large lizard (a “Shiv Dragon”) hiding in the foliage ahead before it smelled him and charged. Juan noticed a collar and length of chain around the dangerous lizard and managed to flee before it could grab him in it’s jaws, the chain preventing it from chasing it’s meal. The three hid in the jungle and soon they heard voices, apparently someone was investigating the ruckus made by the watch lizard. Two cannibals had come to investigate and one spotted Zelshee’s large orc butt sticking out from behind a tree. They attacked, but after Teyla dropped one the other fled down the trail with Zelshee giving chase. Around the bend Zelshee saw the cannibal disappearing around a building just as she ran into the angry Shiv Dragon. With a well placed axe blow the lizard was dispatched, but they could hear shouting in the village ahead and a distinct change in the tune of the drums. They decided it was best to flee back to the others before the entire village roused.

The three scouts caught up with the others, and a brief strategy discussion ensued. Mastuuk, being the smartest of the bunch, came up with the brilliant strategy of “run straight down the trail and charge into the village.” Apparently tactics 101 was not offered in half-orc wizard school.

Following the complex battle plan to a “T” the group soon found themselves embroiled in a battle royale with a village full of cannibals. One of the cannibals was wearing Alizandru Kovack’s tricorn hat! Fighting their way to the village center, they saw it was built around a tall lighthouse on the point of the southwest corner of the island. Shortly after fighting their way to the village center, with cannibals boiling out of the buildings and jungle around them, and with animated skeletons climbing out of a cage to attack them, a large tattooed cannibal with wild eyes and wild red hair appeared on a balcony of the lighthouse. When he appeared the cannibals started banging their scimitars against their shields and chanting “Klorak! Klorak! Klorak!” Klorak the Red, chief of the Thrunefang Cannibals, had made his appearance. Klorak surveyed the scene of battle, lept to the ground landing in a perfect three point stance, then raised himself to his full height and roared as he beat his chest to the delight of his minions. Klorak strode into battle pointing his scimitar straight at Teyla as he roared a challenge, briefly demoralizing her with intimidation. Klorak charaged straight at Juan with his shield, sending the sailor flying 10 feet backwards to break a hole in the parties line of defense and quickly cut Juan down with one swing of his blade. Klorak followed up by smearing Juan’s blood all over his face and chest while roaring in ecstasy. As the cannibals renewed their assault, Klorak turned on Ludwig, who was caught up against the wall of a building. Klorak’s blade got stuck in the wall of the building, giving the druid and his leopard just enough time to take down the raging cannibal chieftan.

Meanwhile, on the south side of the village, Zelshee found herself backed up against a building alone with cannibals and skeletons pressing her from all sides. Her brother, Mastuuk, came to her aid when Malidkadna, the village witch, made an appearance and summoned a fire elemental to attack Zelshee. Zelshee fell, mortally wounded by the flames of the elemental, but just managed to put out the fire on her clothing thanks to her orc ferocity keeping her conscious long enough. Mastuuk tried to reach his sister, but was forced back by cannibals supporting the witch who cursed Ludwig’s leopard with an evil hex. Teyla had finished off the last of the cannibals in the village center and came charging in. Teyla managed to shake off a fear spell cast by the witch with force of will and proceeded to collapse the old woman’s head with a well placed critical blow from her warhammer. The last of the cannibals was surrounded and went down fighting, then all went quiet in the village. Zelshee and Juan were down, Mastuuk and Ludwig were badly wounded, but they had barely won the day. They took a few moments to heal their wounded and catch their breath, then turned their attention towards finding their captured companions.

Klorak the red
Klorak the Red, Thrunefang Chieftan

Malidkadna, Witch of the Thrunefangs and her monkey familiar Thaltaki

Thoughts of Ludwig Von Vigh

This island cannot possibly be large enough to have multiple cannibal tribes. Klorak was obivously their champion and the witch their elder. Surely all the tribe would have come to their aid and now they are no more. Assuming the cannibals are the ones that set all the traps around the island, I figure once Teyla springs them all we will not have to worry about those any more! Hopefully the rest of our crew will be found here. Once we are reunited, there are some things of note still worth investigating.

There was a calm part of the sea with knotted rope a ways back. There is the red scar of a mountain and the insidious thing that still tracks us. There still remains several ship wrecks, among them Pezocks which we did not take the time to attempt to search. There is still our missing captian and Ieana, although there may be some light shed on that soon since one of the cannibals was wearing his hat. And there is still most of the southern and eastern coasts to track for possible shipwrecks and or supplies. Hopefully we do not exhaust this list prior to finding a way off, but if we are going to be stuck here awhile we better get to know our island.

Journal of Teyla Gunler

I just have a few minutes to write. This past day was exhausting. Ludwig found the tracks a couple of times but we were too far behind to catch up to them. We hiked for such a long time before we decided to get some sleep. The following morning, we finally found the cannibals camp and fought a hard battle and came out victorious in the end. I thought the best move was to block the cannibals in so that they could not reach the other members of my group. Thankfully, Juan blocked the hole with me and we were able to hold them off for a bit. I could hear fighting behind me and Juan went down, but I had to keep fighting. Our only hope, was to kill them one by one. I had a moment of indecision on what to do after I had killed the guys around me….do I run around the building in front of me or turn around and fight with the group left standing? I chose the latter and took my anger out on the witch who fell to my warhammer. It looks like Juan and Zelshee will live but it was a close call, especially for Zelshee. Hopefully, we all have learned some lessons from this battle.

Journal of Jocque Tarr (aka “Juan”)

Having a hell of a time trying to get anything written down. We are on a pell-mell chase throught this rotten jungle trying to find the other survivors who were carried off by a horde of cannibals. But I must try to get this down someplace because it may be of real importance to somebody somewhere if we get off this rock. And, maybe, if I don’t get off somebody will find my journal and use it. We have encountered a really astounding number of wrecked ships here and I need to get that info down on parchment. I hope I can keep adding to this list but I hope that I won’t have to.


- Jenivere, Captain: Alisandu Kovack. We have his log. He was a good man but fell under the
spell or control of one of our passengers – one female Varisian scholar named Ieana – who
somehow got Captain Kovack to intentionally run the Jenivere aground on the Southwest coast
of the Shiv. The two of them were apparently seen moving together on the island later and
the one who told us about this – a Tengu named Pezock Zoventie – said the Captain seemed to
be doing whatever the female told him to do. NOTE: Some on the ship thought she might be
a Chelish agent and I have noted that the cannibal natives of this scurvy place seem to be
using a lot of really old Chelish weapons. I don’t like what I am seeing here since the
Chelish have wanted to find a way back at the lands to the south ever since their defeat.

- Bearded Harpy – badly wrecked, no additional information on it. I think it was one of the
ships of the Free Captains.

- Windwar – again, badly wrecked, no more info, but I think it too was a pirate ship.

- Skallywag – no additional info, sorry, might have been a Free ship too

- Brine Deamon, Captain: Avret Kinkarian. We have his log papers. Seems he was running
contraban shipments. Probably a Free Captain. He is a ghost now. He was still
reaching for a golden locket with a picture of his lover? wife? Aashamarra in it when he
died. He came after it and us when we took it from the wreck. What a horrible sight he made.

- Crow’s Tooth, Captain was a Tengu if you can imagine that. She was a Mantis ship! And
as far as I can tell from the weapons we found on the beach even that crew succumbed to
whatever horrors live on the Shiv. Later we found on of the crew or a passenger from the
Tooth – one Pezock Zoventie – who set himself up the craziest home I think I have ever
seen inside the shell of a dead giant crab! He told us he had seen Captain Kovack with the
scholar and she seemed to be in charge. We left him in his house and pressed on.

- Nightvoice, Captain Ames. I’m told it was a Pathfinder exploration ship out of Almos. We have his log book too, though it is badly damaged by mold.

That is about all I can remember. My mind is not as sharp as it was a few days ago. We are in some kind of living nightmare here.

The Journal of Mastuuk Venso

21 Arodus, 4710 AR

After travel through the night and the following day we still had not found the cannibals. Worse still, Ludwig and I had nearly exhausted our magic. While he has that beast to assist him, I am less useful without a full night’s sleep. The others were suffering as well so we rested for a few hours then picked up the trail again late the next night.

Near the end of the trail, drums indicated we had reached our destination, which also happened to be the location of the light house. Two goals with one swift stroke! It was not nearly that easy however. A number of cannibals, including their fearsome leader, defended their encampment. We would have fared better if we were able to stay in the narrow gap, attacking a couple of enemies at once. Juan was struck down and my sister (she does mean well) got herself trapped being the lines. A simpleton crone, not so much a spell caster as a dealer in baubles and body parts, appeared and apparently had enough knowledge to summon a small fire elemental. This caught my sister by surprise and burned her rather severely. Her father’s ferocity was all that saved her from the flames. I was unable to push through the bodies between us but Teyla proved strong and loyal. She destroyed the witch and saved my sister. I must remember to thank her when we have a moment to rest.

Speaking of rest, I’m going to suggest we spend a few days camped at the lighthouse to investigate and rebuild our food stores. We’re out of immediate danger and there might be something of use in our escape. I’d also like to finish deciphering that log book and put down some more facts and less flourish in this log else it will never be published by the Society.

Note by Zelshee Venso

Exhausted! I’ve never been so exhausted! And the damn heat – it’s going to be the death of me. I never really thought we would make it to the cannibals before one of us dropped dead from the march. But as we neared the drums, our spirits rose! We knew righteous vengeance was within the reach of our swords. Note to self……and anyone else with half a brain - DO NOT LET MASTUUK COME UP WITH ANY MORE BATTLE PLANS!!!! Charging right in the middle of their encampment was not the best plan we could have come up with. Shouldn’t we have scouted the place out? Tried to find out where the prisoners were being held? Find out how many of them there were? Maybe we could have found out about that crazy witch that came soooo close to killing me!! There were just too many of ‘them’ I was over run by skeletons and cannibals and then the witch threw fire at me. I will never have another restful night’s sleep!! Thank You Irori for making me of stronger stuff than most. I would have been done for if I were a mere human.
I sincerely think we underestimated the cannibals – and we almost paid dearly for that mistake!



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