Serpent Skull

A chance event in pirate-infested waters sets the heroes on a chase to discover a lost city in the jungles of the treacherous Mwangi Expanse! Factions like the Pathfinder Society and the Red Mantis assassin league are also on the hunt to discover the city’s forgotten secrets, terrible revelations that could awaken a sleeping god and bring doom to the world of Golarion!

Current date: 7 Caladril, 4711 AR

Next real world play date: 7 December 2013 7pm

Site Features

Use the tabs at the top of this page to navigate the site. All characters, both NPCs and PCs, can be found on the Characters, the Wiki tab is where we will put various pages of campaign info, and the Adventure Log will log the story line of each session.

I have upgraded to full access, so we now have access to all features. I can now do player secret info pages, there is a forum and calendar, and more space for images and maps.

Useful links

Online Rules

Serpents Skull Players Guide

Pathfinder Wiki

Interactive Google Map of Golarion

Recent Updates

THE END is in the Adventure Log.

Serpent's Skull

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